The SAS has a face-to-face appointment in Pediatrics in two days

The SAS is going to allocate more than 25 percent of the budget to Primary Care.

82 percent of the Primary Care Health Districts of the Andalusian Health Service have face-to-face appointments available at less than two days for pediatric consultation, according to the latest data available as of January 11. Globally, the average delay to access a scheduled in-person Pediatric appointment is 1.89 and 2.62 days for telephone consultations.

For Family Medicine consultations, as of January 11, 2023, the average delay is 3.48 days and 4.03 for telephone consultation. In nursing consultations, the average delay is 0.49 days for face-to-face consultation and 0.47 for telephone consultation.

“The Andalusian Health Service thus continues to improve accessibility to Primary Care centers and constantly reducing the average delay to access a consultation from the maximum peak of 5.87 days of delay registered on December 28, 2021,” he points out. the SAS in a statement.

Promotion of Primary Care in Andalusia

The budgets of the Ministry of Health and Consumption for 2023 “show that the Primary care is a priority objective for the Andalusian government”, indicates the SAS. Specifically, more than 25 percent of the budget will be allocated to Primary Care, more than 3,500 million euros, “which will allow the development of the new Strategy for continue to improve the accessibility of citizens to Primary Care centers and services and launch projects that expand the ability to solve health problems”, they add.

“Improving accessibility for users is one of the fundamental keys. In addition to the increase in professionals in Primary Care, work has been done on different organizational and management tools to improve response times”explains the Andalusian service.

Likewise, work continues on the loyalty of MIR professionals, “offering long-term contracts to all residents who finish their specialty to get the largest number of new specialist medical professionals to stay in Andalusia,” says the SAS. “In this way, 78.5 percent of family doctors who finish their training remain in the community,” they conclude.

The information published in Redacción Médica contains affirmations, data and statements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any questions related to your health, consult your corresponding health specialist.

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