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The Wolfman will star Ryan Gosling

The Wolfman is the new film directed by Leigh Whannell (The invisible man, Upgrade) which brings back to the big screen the Wolf Man after the classic 1941 feature film and the recent 2010 remake, directed by Joe Johnston (Pagemaster, Captain America – The First Avenger) and with Benicio del Toro hero. Well this project is part of the new line designed by Universal after trying to found a new one Dark Universe, largely lapsed after two box office failures or The Mummy (2017) and Dracola Untold (2014).

It seems that the franchise is about to restart, this time, however, with individual titles and not interconnected as had been thought from the beginning. We do not currently know many elements about it The Wolfman, but we know for sure who will bring the werewolf to the big screen: it is Ryan Gosling, Hollywood’s leading actor, whom we recently saw in First Man – The first man of 2018 directed by Damien Chazelle And The Gray Man this year, directed by Anthony And Joe Russo. Thanks to an interview for Collider released by the producer of the film, that is Jason Blum with her Blumhouse Productions, we finally know where we are with the jobs. Judging from what Blum explained, they are still working on the script to make it as suitable as possible for Gosling himself. Below you will find the words in detail.

Wolfman, we’re also working on the script, we need to get the final version of the script. In that case, it’s because of Ryan Gosling… But we’re working on trying to get a script that he feels good, comfortable and enthusiastic about.

We can’t wait to find out more about it The Wolfman that could, to all intents and purposes, bring new life to a character so forgotten in the world of cinema.

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