“The script was very good”

On her way to becoming one of Europe’s most respected actresses, if she isn’t already, Lea Seydoux deserves applause for its open-mindedness. The French actress acts the same to you in one of Ildikó Enyedi, Abdellatif Kechiche either Arnaud Desplechin that puts you to james-bond of Daniel Craig in a sentimental rift. Or, as it happens, she regrets not being in a spin-off of the X Men.

In an interview with IndieWire, Seydoux has talked about that film by Gambit, powered by Channing Tatum, that was never filmed. And he has assured that the tape, in which he would have played the murderess Bella Donna Boudreaus, it looked very good.

“The script was very good,” recalls Seydoux. “It had very funny parts, but [el estudio] I wanted to make it more similar to a comedy”, he adds. Let us remember that, in Gambit, Tatum not only planned to play the mutant from New Orleans, but also to get behind the camera. Until the usual ‘creative differences’ arose, of course.

Léa Seydoux also explains that auditioning for Gambit, he was looking for a job away from the rest of his filmography. “I think in the US people have more imagination,” she says. “I’ve been offered movies that are so different from what I usually do and I’ve been like, ‘oh, interesting.’ I love feeling like I can adapt. To me, it’s very exotic.”

Seydoux has just presented at Cannes Crimes of the Future, the new of David Cronenberg. In a role, moreover, that was intended for Natalie Portmann, but that the Israeli actress left to return to Marvel in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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