The search continues for the Puerto Rican couple who would have been shipwrecked near Florida during the passage of Hurricane Ian

The daughter of a Puerto Rican couple reported missing since Wednesday night, September 28, while they were on a boat in Key West (Key West) in Florida, assured that the Coast Guard extended the search for Puerto Ricans for possible signs of life.

Dayramar Johnston explained to The new day that in the despair of finding the whereabouts of his relatives, he found updates in several videos on his stepfather’s YouTube channel. These were reflected between the past 24 and 48 hours.

“I saw the YouTube channel and there was an ‘update’ from a day ago, which gives us hope that they are still alive”Johnston said.

Given this, the District 7 Coast Guard, based in Miami, decided to extend until tomorrow, Monday, the search by sea and land to try to find Morales Soto, Millet Torres and their dog.

The couple were on their boat – where they resided – in Key West between Tuesday afternoon and evening when the area began to receive tropical storm force winds from Hurricane Ian, which, at the time, was a Category 4 cyclone, with winds of up to 140 miles per hour (mph).

On Saturday, the Coast Guard District 7 Public Affairs Office told this outlet that they were continuing to search for Morales Soto and Millet Torres, although they did not specify the areas in which the search is being carried out.

“The search continues. There is a plane that continues to search for people. These searches are always complicated because the sea is very vast, it is a very large area, but mathematical computer models that indicate the current and the tide are used to assist in the search”, highlighted the Coast Guard.

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