The second chapter of Poppy Playtime is now available

In October of last year it was launched Poppy Playtimea game of indie horror which became an unexpected success like other times thanks to the support of a multitude of youtubers Y streamers of great success who supported him with a multitude of gameplays. A very small game, 40 minutes long and priced at 4 euros, which gave a lot to talk about, and promised continuity with new chapters.

And now it’s available for PC Chapter 2which arrives in the form of DLC with a price of €8.19. To be able to enjoy it you have to have the first episode, which is not a problem since it is available for free for all Steam users. Below you can see the trailer of this second chapter:

A much more ambitious chapter 2

If the first chapter lasted just 40 minutes, this one has been promised to last three times, so we could have some 2 hours of play. in this new adventure we will continue to enter the terrifying toy factoryencountering new puzzles and dangerous toys.

In addition to new locations this second chapter includes a new mechanic with the green hand, which will allow us to grab and transfer energy remotely. Now we can also grab on to different surfaces as if we had a hook and swaywith which exploration and platforming have been improved.

Poppy Playtime It was also released on iOS and Android mobile devices last March, but it is still unknown when the second chapter will reach these versions.

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