the second episode dares with the definition of power

In the first episode of Ms Marvel of Disney +, Kamala (Iman Vellani) showed her life and the radical change she must face. In the second chapter of the Marvel series, the journey becomes deeper and less allegorical through the character’s life. But as in his first appearance, Kamala is not a hero, much less aware of power.

In fact, she is a teenager with a secret to keep. That slight nuance completely changes the plot and how, until now, Marvel has delved into its characters. In true Peter Parker fashion, Kamala must now understand the true scope of what just happened at AvengersCon.

Where does the power you just discovered come from? What is supposed to happen now? Kamala looks at the possibility of heroism the same way Peter Parker does. But while the very young Spider-Man tested her wall-climbing powers and the extent of her physical strength, Kamala must grapple with what it means.

The second chapter of Ms Marvel it plays into the fact that Kamala’s admiration for Captain Marvel will play a pivotal role. Not just in how she takes on her power-enhanced persona, but what she will do going forward. In the same way as the comic, Kamala must decide which way to go., now that there is the possibility of heroism. And it will be the character played by Brie Larson, who sustains that search. The one that will make it more elaborate, complicated and emotional.

Ms. Marvel and the Quest for Purpose

Unlike most Marvel heroes, Kamala is a normal woman. She is not an exceptional being or a narcissistic millionaire who finds a purpose for the use of power. One of the high points of the second episode is reinforcing the ideas of the first. Make it clear that Kamala she is a teenager in an ordinary world of cranky parents, weddings and the culture that pushes.

The bracelet that gives him powers is not a fundamental change that he must hide. So that Ms Marvel pushes the character — and his imagination — on a search for answers. And that’s when Marvel turns its world carefully built through twenty movies into a multi-presence. If chapter one showed what it’s like to be young in a world where heroes are celebrities and ideals, chapter two shows the space of mysteries. And again, Ms Marvel appeals to the idea that this is a scenario with mysterious events that happen from time to time. Of a magnitude and total importance. So much so that life cannot be normal and much less, alien to phenomena.

The script elegantly weaves the blip, the recovery of the world from its ashes and the generation that was born in the midst of such changes. Already hawk eye had shown how popular culture reacted to the Battle of Earth. The trilogy Spider-Man by Jon Watts the connotation of the extraordinary as part of the world. But Ms Marvel shows the everyday, goes to the streets, to the temples of prayer. To the corridors of schools, to science turned into a simple attempt to explain enigmatic events.

Kamala makes it clear that this new superhero will have to walk the path alone. She does so as she deals with an overprotective family, a paranoid world, and an awareness of danger. Where does Kamala’s power come from? Ms Marvel Now he explores his family roots, how a bracelet capable of splitting reality in two came into his hands. But at the same time, it shows on colored paper and in Vellani’s brilliant performance, the fact of power as something concrete. And it leaves open the possibility that that power — that unlimited reach — will be a point of contention in the future. Do not handle, use or display.

Kamala, faced with her most cherished dream and discovers that, in reality, it is much more complex to dream of the heroic than to be. And that paradox is one faced by a character stunned, dazzled, and ultimately terrified by the novelty of the ability. In the same way as the Peter Parker of home coming either Far For Home, Kamala assimilates the idea of ​​power as a door to the unknown.

The teenage dilemmas of a growing superhero

But Kamala, for now, is tied to her life. Her confrontation with her parents brings new limitations and a new dimension of the weight of her family. If in the comic, Kamala’s identity as a Muslim plays moments of interest, in Ms Marvel it is a loving reverence point.

The series plays with the inevitable self-discovery, as opposed to the restriction of culture. But not in the tone of a tax tie, but in the firm belief that Kamala’s identity must also be adjusted to power. At the same time, a newborn superhero who is closely watched. A mysterious nameless organization is suddenly very interested in Ms Marvel. But there are still no clear indications if they are something more than vigilantes or perhaps, a confrontation at the gates.

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For the second episode, the notion of Kamala’s religion and culture is of considerable interest. But also that notion that being a hero It doesn’t have much to do with radioactive spiders, money or magic.. Kamala, bracelet in hand and searching for her story, starts a new place at Marvel. And one after more than twenty films worthy of thanks.

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