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Fourteen years of (happy) marriage and an explanation that seems to border on banality (but it is not banal): the secret of the great love between Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban would be trust. How, you think, that’s all? Already. But, as we said, it is not such a frivolous secret. In fact, if there is a value that is scarce in the world today, it is trust: we no longer trust journalistic information, every day we learn a new conspiracy theory and so we end up looking at everything with suspicion, from news to food (and what to say drugs?).

Yet trust is the very lifeblood of our community, as Kidman herself pointed out: “Trust is a profound part of our culture. Do you trust people when they tell you something? Who do you believe? conditions? Should people prove that they are worthy of credibility? “. The fact that we have to take a few minutes before answering even one of these questions speaks volumes.

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s secret? Confidence

So, no: today it is not trivial to say “I trust my husband”. As it is not obvious to look back, after 14 years, and see that our faith has been well placed. “I’m very lucky to have my husband in my life,” said Kidman, “he’s a kind man, strong and sweet at the same time. We have a really great relationship and it’s nice to be able to come home to him. He makes me feel protected: it’s my safe place in the world to curl up. “

By the way, if you have seen The undoing, Kidman’s speech is even more persuasive. In the famous series, in fact, Kidman plays a woman who, from two to three, finds herself with a husband who disappeared into thin air. As a psychologist, ours probably had to prove that she was more on the ball, but in any case the shock is palpable and prompts you to ask yourself: “Are the people around us really what they seem?”.

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What Tom Cruise was missing

By the way, it’s not that Kidman’s previous marriage was a model of unconditional trust. By adhering to Scientology, Tom Cruise gave Kidman more than one unexpected headache. The two were Hollywood’s golden couple and their divorce was troubled and painful.

But now Kidman is happy. She has found her “safe place” and in an interview with Glamor UK she even claimed that her marriage to Urban allows her to remain mentally steadfast. The two married in Sydney in 2006 and have loved each other madly ever since. He even dedicated a song to her, Gemini, romantic (and even a little hot …) by choosing his wife as his muse. What more could you want?!?

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