The secrets of actress Florence Pugh beyond her drama with Harry Styles: in love with Leonardo DiCaprio and sister of a Game of Thrones star

Florence Pugh She is the actress of the moment and her lucid career supports it. Before that, she has been a student who realized that she was better at acting than exams, was in love with Leonardo DiCaprio to the point of wanting to get married, and has become a motomami, a fan of the singer.
Rosalia (with a deep love for Spanish culture).

The icing on her fame, beyond those particularities that make her unique, is the attitude she has adopted in the face of the latest controversies. They criticized her for showing her body and she got into a more transparent dress. “She was comfortable with my
small breasts», announced in Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Theories were created about his problem with
Olivia Wilde Y
Harry Stylesthe director and co-star of his latest film,
Don’t Worry Darling (Do not worry dear). Her exhaustive work was also reduced to the numerous erotic scenes between her and the singer.

She responded to the same magazine with her determination: “Obviously, hiring the
pop star most famous in the world provokes that you are going to have conversations about the sex scenes. But that’s not what I’m going to discuss because this movie is bigger and better than that. And the people who did it are bigger and better than that.”

The British has gone through the universe
Marvel in
the black widow; for classics like
little womenwith names as popular as the director
Greta Gerwigor her co-stars
Emma Watson Y
saoirse ronan; and by the terror in broad daylight of
midsummer. From that recording he remembers how beautiful and difficult some scenes were. “We got up after two hours of screaming, wailing and screaming. We hug. We look at each other. We laughed nervously and cried some more », she says on his Instagram.

The intimate relationships of Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh will soon premiere the Netflix thriller
The Wonder, a story about mysticism and disbelief. She will also participate in the second part of
dunes. In addition to being friends with the protagonist of the saga, Timothée Chalamet, she has been closely linked to the famous
Game of Thrones. She worked with on the film
The Falling with
Maisie Williams(Arya Stark), with whom he has prank videos on his social networks.

The character of the saga
George R.R. Martin Trystane Martell is played by his brother in the famous series. With him, she shares another of his passions, the love of music. They recorded a song together called
midnight. And she even created a channel where she uploaded versions of songs (she was a youtuber before being an actress).

All in all, Florence Pugh regularly deals with her private life appearing in the media. In fact, in August she confirmed that she and
Zach Braff They cut after three years. They did it quietly, in early 2022. “We wanted to part ways without the world knowing, because it’s been a relationship that everyone has had an opinion on,” Pugh told Harper’s Bazaar.

Long before that romance, the actress was in love with
Leonardo Dicaprio. It was when she was 20 years old and still entering the age limit of the actor (from what they say, the protagonist of Titanic only has girlfriends under 26). Pugh was about to jump into the industry with
Lady Macbethwhen he shared a photo of DiCaprio on his Instagram, because he was moving near her.

“I can’t say I’m totally surprised, I knew we would get married one day, but I didn’t know it would be so soon. I’ll look
wedding dresses», he shared along with a photograph of him.

What relationship does Florence Pugh have with Spain?

asthma brought Florence Pugh to
Spain. From a problem a luck was born and his admiration for the country. The actress told The Guardian that she moved for three years from England, in search of a warmer climate to improve her illness.

“I’m so happy I had that childhood: dipping in and out of the sea naked, cycling down the road in my panties, and bartering with the candy store owner,” she recalled. Regarding the culture of Spain, in an interview Pugh has confessed that he is
Rosalia’s fan. He even shared in his stories the theme
Saokofrom his new album

Florence Pugh is a bubbling artist; she changes and adapts to the times without losing her goal. Fame is something that does not convince her, as she confessed to The New York Times.

“I’ve talked about movies with people who had no idea I was in them,” Pugh told the newspaper, with satisfaction. “I love that. For me, that is acting. It’s as if what I do works », he summarizes.

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