the sentimental past of Ana de Armas

The new Marilyn has always acknowledged to the media that her only goal is be known for your work. Any other information outside of her professional future is merely anecdotal for her… but not for her audience. As a newcomer – only in Hollywood, because, in reality, the shadow of her career is long and she has been making a name for herself in this profession since she debuted in Spain in The intership 15 years ago – the interest aroused by his sentimental life is equal to or, sometimes, exceeds that of his performances.

Perhaps his most notorious story is the one that united him with Ben Affleck for several years. The shooting of deep water He introduced them, but it was the pandemic in the middle of 2020 that brought them together. images of the couple living the confinement together at his house or taking walks around the neighborhood with Elvis, her dog, became more and more frequent and became the favorite target of the paparazziwho did not stop photographing them wherever they went.

What would continue in the couple’s relationship would be various dates, a coffee in Los Angeles, for example, but also the support of Jennifer Garner, the ex-wife of the actor. As she published Us Weekly, a source told them that Garner was supportive of her ex-husband’s new romance with de Armas. Basically and mainly, because the Cuban played a fundamental role in the recovery of the actor from his addiction to alcohol.

Always discreet with their private life, they never spoke words beyond the professional ones, so little is known about their breakup except what their surroundings affirmed. Apparently they were in different points in their lives. Ana did not want to put aside his career, and Ben preferred to remain in Los Angeles, where the three children he had with Jennifer Garner live. Violet, Seraphina and Samuel.

When it was over, he came into her life Paul Boukadakis. At 38, he is vice president of Tinder, the well-known dating application, which has made him an attractive millionaire who has founded several companies until achieving his fortune, estimated at 13 million dollars. Born in 1984 in Tulsa (Oklahoma), he studied at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and decided to support her by accompanying her to the Venice Festival.

The press assures that they may take the next step in their relationship, something that is not strange for the actress because it was in 2011, when Ana passed through the altar. The actress married, also an actor, Marc Clotet after a few years of relationship. The wedding was quite a surprise, since almost no information was released and it was only known that it had been held on the Costa Brava. Despite the good news, the marriage did not work out for the first few months and, therefore, Two years later They decided to go their separate ways. The couple divorced in 2013. Years later, Clotet would start a relationship with the actress Natalie Sanchez, with whom he now has two children.

Shortly after, he landed in Hollywood and fell in love with Edgar Ramirez and the Cuban artist Alexander Pineiro, although she was also related to Scott Eastwood, son of Clint Eastwoodand the film director Benicio, the bull.

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