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Hollywood always surprises us. And according to various US media reports, he will do it again since Warner Bros would have confirmed the sequel to I’m legend. The apocalyptic film that showed us Will Smith completely alone in a New York devastated by a virus that turned almost all of humanity into infected cannibals will soon have a sequel thanks to its almost 600 million grosses at the box office a decade and a half ago.

The big question now is, how can Will Smith return to the role of the dr robert neville if at the end of the first installment he immolated himself to allow two other people (Anna, played by Alice Braga, and Ethan, played by Charlie Tahan) could they escape safely with the cure?

The answer is simple although it was never released in theaters. However, the DVD and Blu-Ray versions did include an alternative ending that was shot at the time but was not shown since the test audience that saw it did not approve and the studio decided to kill its protagonist.

It will be the work of Akiva Goldsman, who adapted Richard Matheson’s novel (1954) for the original film, who has the answer by writing this sequel. Goldsman will also be the producer of the feature film that will include in its cast Michael B Jordan (Creed) along with Will Smith himself also in production.

At the moment the name of the director who will sit in the director’s chair after Francis Lawrence signed the first installment is not confirmed. I am Legend 2 will mark the first collaboration of Smith and Jordan and at the moment the release date is unknown.

We will have to wait for the first minutes of footage to find out if the plot will start from where we left off on the movie screens (with mother and daughter fleeing to a colony of immunes to spread the cure and that humanity could survive the apocalypse) or from the sofas of our houses where Neville realized that the infected still had some human qualities.

What is clear is that I am Legend 2 promises to be one of the great premieres of 2023 if everything goes according to plan. Will Smith has already been in charge of generating enormous expectation through social networks where he has published an image in which one of the filming sets of the first installment is seen.

It could be the first project of the rapper, actor, producer and director after winning the Oscar to which he is nominated again for his role in the biopic of the father of the sisters Venus and Serena Williams.

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