The series and movies that arrive on Disney + in October

Candy Highlights: Murder in Texas


A Marvel Studios special and a Star Wars anthology production are some of the novelties

The series and movies
Jessica Biel in Candy: Murder in TexasHulu

Disney+ series premiere in october Bear, Candy: Murder in Texas Y Star Wars: The Jedi Chroniclesas well as the special The Curse of the Werewolfof Marvel Studios. The streaming platform will also add to its catalog the feature films Grimcutty: Relentless Assassin Y Rosaline.



Premiere: October 5th.

Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White), a young fine dining chef, returns to Chicago after his brother’s suicide to take over his family’s sandwich shop. The protagonist will have to deal with the difficulties of having a business, his team of cooks and other tensions. The first season of this critically acclaimed fiction has eight chapters.

Candy: Murder in Texas

Premiere: October 12 °.

Jessica Biel (The Sinner) is the leading lady and executive producer of this drama based on true events. The actress gets into the skin of the murderer Candy Montgomery, a perfectionist mother and housewife in 1980s Texas. The miniseries consists of five episodes.

Star Wars: The Jedi Chronicles

Premiere: October 26th.

This anthological animation production delves into the universe of the prequels of starwars. Its six installments explore the paths of two very different Jedi, Ahsoka Tano and the Count Dooku. Both must make decisions that will mark their destinies. Dave Philoni (Star Wars Rebels) is its creator.


The streaming platform offers new episodes of The Master (Season 2, October 12) and The Benedict Mysterious Society (Season 2, October 26), as well as the series scream queens (October date to be confirmed).


The Curse of the Werewolf

Premiere: October 7.

This special production of Marvel Studios features the character known as Werewolf (Gael García Bernal). A secret group of monster hunters gathers at the sinister temple of the Bloodstone after the death of their leader. After a macabre ceremony, they are drawn into a deadly competition in which they will have to face a dangerous creature to get a powerful relic.

Grimcutty: Relentless Assassin

Premiere: October 10th.

A terrifying internet meme known as Grimcutty it sows panic among the parents, who are convinced that it is causing their children to harm themselves and others. the teenager Asha (Sara Wolfkind) He will have to face a very real threat and prove that his injuries are not part of a viral challenge.


Premiere: October 14th.

This feature film is presented as the fresh and fun version of Romeo and Julietwork of shakespeareTold from another point of view. Its protagonist is Rosalina (Kaitlyn Dever)former of Romeo (Kyle Allen) and cousin of Juliet (Isabela Merced)to try to put an end to the famous love story and get her boy back.


Disney+ add to its catalog the documentary production This is how She-Hulk was made (October 20), focused on showing the creation process of the series She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk after the broadcast of its last episode.

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