The series that breaks it on Netflix and is on its way to surpassing Suits

The series that narrates what happens in a law firm in New York was transcendental for fiction productions and, after many years as one of the most viewed on Netflix, it could lose that place.


Suits It was very important for the fictions of Netflix, marking a before and after in legal drama series. She knew how to catch the public and consecrate herself as the most watched for a long time, but now he could lose his place of leadership.

The series that breaks it on Netflix and is on its way to surpassing Suits

Suits caused a sensation from its premiere and little by little it became the production most chosen by users, even the followers of the series eagerly awaited each of its seasons, but now that attraction seems to carry over to another Netflix series.

Is about How to Get Away with Murder, the series that tells the story of a brilliant and charismatic criminal law teacher who likes to challenge her students. She, along with five of her best students, gets involved in a mysterious murder case, where they must put all her knowledge and instincts to the test.

It has 6 seasons, 90 chapters in total and with a duration of 43 minutes per episode.about.

Synopsis of How to Get Away with Murder: what the Netflix sensation series is about

The series centers on Annalize Keating (Viola Davis), a brilliant criminal law professor at a prestigious university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose students will be forced to apply her teachings in real life when they are selected to help her in a murder case. .

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