The series that is competing with ‘The Last of Us’ for the audience

The Last of Us has competition. The series, developed by a team led by craig mazin and Neil DruckmanIt is an attractive story with a remarkable staging. A story that, however, has been rivaled within the HBO Max platform in Spain: The White Lotus.

The Last of Us premiered on January 15 of this year. Before its release, the production had already been announced as the best adaptation of a video game, putting itself on a high level and triggering expectations. Eight chapters later, it has been confirmed as a success.

While The Last of Us it has been growing chapter after chapter, it is seen by those who have followed the game and those who have not. What does this imply? Regardless of whether or not the story it deals with is known or there is some reference to the video game, the HBO series has enough attractive power to generate interest in different types of audiences. The curious thing, in relation to HBO, is that it is not only this production that is attracting many viewers. The White Lotus, a social satire, has also been growing in recent days on the HBO Max platform. what’s it about?

The White Lotus:
unforeseen competition for The Last of Us

HBO distinguishes itself by presenting well-crafted productions. Several of his series could enter into a discussion about which are the best in history. In times of so much competition streamingthe firm continues to preserve its prestige and criteria to come up with attractive narratives.

The White Lotus, HBO series, which competes with The Last of Us

The White Lotus It is framed in that logic. The series has two seasons, released in 2021 and 2022. What is happening at the beginning of 2023? During the first week of March, production picked up in terms of views. It was the most viewed on HBO Max in Spain in that period. According to data and information from Sara Heredia, it grew 29% to reach the top.

One of the interpretations that Sara Heredia makes with the intention of explaining the reason for this growth has to do with the increase in HBO Max subscribers. Who came to the service to see The Last of Us they also have the opportunity to get closer to other stories. In that sense, The White Lotus It is proving to be one of the favourites.

social satire

Between the first and second season of The White Lotus, all the protagonists changed, with the exception of one actress. It is an anthology series. The concept and the creative sense are sustained, but the interpreters vary. A clear example of this type of production is true detectivealso from HBO.

The White Lotus tells the story of guests staying at the White Lotus resort, located in Hawaii. The context, paradisiacal and luxurious, seems the ideal option to escape the routine and try new experiences. However, those who occupy it end up exploring personal areas that they may not have wanted to reach at the time. Something that influences this environment are the relationships with other visitors and the attention of the staff of the place.

This creates a spiral of comments and decisions that is, in some cases, harmful. Through those links, Mike White, the creator of The White Lotusventures to criticize and make a parody of contemporary society. The cast of the first season, a success that allowed the extension to the second installment and renewal as an anthology series, was made up of Murray Bartlett, Alexandra Daddario, Jennifer Coolidge, Jake Lacey, Connie Britton, Natasha Rothwell and Steve Zahnas the main figures.

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The third season of The White Lotus It doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s in development. Among the possibilities that are mentioned is the option that it be launched at the end of this year. Meanwhile, its first two seasons can be seen on HBO Max, as well as the first season of The Last of Us.

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