The series that premiered six years ago and returned to the top ten on Netflix

It often happens that certain content available on the platforms of streaming resurface again as a result of some events that have, especially those productions based on real life. This was what happened to a series that, when it premiered almost six years ago, was all the rage. However, in recent days, a sad event that went around the world made it return to position itself among the more Netflix views: is about The Crownwhich with the death of Queen Isabell II reawakened interest.

If there is something changeable and unpredictable, that is the world of streaming. There are films that passed without pain or glory through the cinema screens, but when they reach one of the platforms they are a boom. Likewise, when a new season of a series is about to be uploaded, it is normal for it to position itself among the most viewed, since many take the opportunity to see it for the first time or to refresh some important scenes. The same thing happens when there are premieres. If the public gives them the go-ahead, they often spend several weeks in the Top 10..

But, in recent days, a curious case occurred, because none of these requirements were met and even so, a series that premiered its most recent season almost two years ago, once again positioned itself among the most viewed on Netflix. The reason for the ascent has a name and it was a event that had a great impact worldwide and toured the covers of newspapers and magazines in several countries: the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8.

The Crown tells the story behind the reign of Elizabeth II
The Crown tells the story behind the reign of Elizabeth II Netflix

Although there is a lot of audiovisual content related to the British monarchy, there is one in particular that has earned the respect and loyalty of the public, due to its production, its cast and its way of telling the facts. As a result of the queen’s death, several people wanted to dig a little deeper into the history of royalty, its members and royal dramas, which undoubtedly abound in the buckingham halls for decades. For this reason, several subscribers decided to give play to the four-season series that talks precisely about all that: crown, whose fifth and penultimate season is expected for November of this year.

The Netflix series has the particularity of renewing its cast every two seasons and thus covering the ages of the royals at different stages of their lives. In the first two deliveries Clarie Foy was Elizabeth IIin the third and fourth Olivia Coleman and in the fifth and sixth it will be performed by Imelda Staunton. As for Prince Philip, matt smith Y Tobias Menzies gave him life in the first four parts, and the last two will be in the hands of Jonathan Price.

On the other hand, the character of Princess Margaret, sister of the queen, was covered by vanessa kirby Y Helena Bonham Carterwhile Lesley Manville will interpret it in the last two installments. In turn, from the third part appeared Carlos Y Camilla Parker Bowls played by Josh O’Connor Y emerald fennell and in the fourth they arrived Lady Diana Spencer Y Margaret Thatcher covered by emma corrin Y Gillian Anderson respectively.

In the fifth season – which will premiere in November – the love triangle is renewed. elizabeth debicki will be Lady Di, Dominic West the now King Carlos III and Olivia-Williams, the current queen consort. Likewise, in the sixth part, two well-known figures of the crown will arrive, the future kings of Great Britain. Meg Bellamy will put on the skin of Kate Middleton Y Rufus Kampa Y Ed McVey they will be William in their adolescent and adult stage.

First look at the fifth season of The Crown

However, there are dangers of that part arriving later than expected. As indicated by the site dead linea Netflix source confirmed that the recordings were suspended due to the death of the queen, something that was also requested by the creator of the series. “I hope we also stop filming out of respect,” he said. Peter Morgan in an email that the site published. Along the same lines, she added: The Crown It is a love letter for her and I have nothing to add for now, just silence and respect..

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