The Serva Padrona at the Social Theater of Busto Arsizio (VA)

The Serva Padrona on the stage of the Teatro Sociale in Busto Arsizio on Sunday 16 January 2022.

The Serva Padrona at the Teatro Sociale in Busto Arsizio

La Serva Padrona will be on stage at the Teatro Sociale in Busto Arsizio on Sunday!

It was back in 2011 when, for the first time, I went to the Teatro alla Scala in Milan ad attend an opera.

Actually it was a dress rehearsal. And it wasn’t just any work. It was the Don Giovanni by Mozart directed by Daniel Barenboim.

Thanks to a friend who worked as a mask in that theater, I was successful at the last to have tickets and it had been asuch a unique and exciting experience that even today I can’t help but think again about the word opera.

I remember not feeling very different from Julia Roberts, when Richard Gere accompanies her in the same theater in Pretty Woman to see La Traviata and I know that in part the words echoed in me too:

My guts got tangled!

Oh yeah, opera that it unites in itself so many artistic components always and in any case has a sense of fascination about me that often makes me think I am affected by Stendhal’s syndrome.

After a similar incipit, readers, it is clear that today’s article will focus on a work.

This is de The Servant Mistress from Giovan Battista Pergolesi staged on Sunday 16 January at 5.00 pm al Social Theater of Busto Arsizio.

Yes, because I’m not alone the theaters of big cities like Milan to hold out in this difficult moment for socializing, but also those of smaller realities.

In fact, he states Manuela Maffioli, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture of the city of Busto Arsizio:

The Teatro Sociale and, with it, the city continue with conviction – and despite the new limitations imposed by the health emergency – programming in the opera field.

The production of La Serva Padrona is by the APS Musikademia Cultural Association, in collaboration with Educarte, with the patronage of the Municipality of Busto Arsizio, with the support of the Community Foundation of Varesotto and the sponsors Studio Vabri – Chartered Accountants, San Carlo Clinical Institute and Fin-Cle Srl.

Davide Ricca plays Count Uberto in La Serva Padrona. Photo: courtesy of Davide Bontempo.


The Count Uberto (Davide Rocca) it’s a rich and elderly bachelor with at your service a crafty young woman named Serpina (Nicoletta Turla) who is not only unwilling to obey his orders, but actually tyrannizes him. Uberto, after the umpteenth arrogance of Serpina, to prevent her from rising to the status as mistress, as she suspects she plans, instructs the servant Vespone (Mattia Giannaccari) to seek his wife. The old count is not pretentious: even the “harpy” suits him; it is enough for him to take it away from Serpina’s whims. The maid, knowing that the master wants to marry, is proposed as a wife, but Uberto refuses it disdainfully, although deep down he is in love with her. However, Serpina is not discouraged and with a deception manages to become mistress.

The stage of the Teatro Sociale, on the occasion of the staging of this comic opera, thanks to the lively, curious and playful directed by Fabio Buonocore, will take the form of a living room, period and without borders, in which we will witness the squabbles and reconciliations between Count Uberto and his shrewd servant Serpina.

The choice to represent La Serva Padrona at the beginning of this umpteenth new year of coexistence with the covid it is not accidental. Explains, indeed, Davide Bontempo, conductor of the Alchimia orchestra, who will accompany the events of Uberto and Serpina, and president of the Musikademia Cultural Association:

Already Pergolesi in the ‘700 he found himself facing a condition similar to ours. In 1733 a plague in Naples it forced him to write an opera and interludes with the minimum of singers and workers available. It was on the basis of those constraints that the idea of ​​a poor, simple, rudimentary and essential theater came to him. but capable of giving more attention to the individual, his psychology and personal interactions between subject and subject, without excessive complications in the narrative. Thus was born “La Serva Padrona”, one of the most important masterpieces in the history of music.

In short, the conditions for a great show are all there.

Let’s not abandon ourselves to boredom and loneliness, but with courage and determination, the same ones that allowed Serpina to become mistress, we continue to live unforgettable experiences at the theater in the name of safety.

Francesca Wonder

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Nicoletta Turla plays Serpina in La Serva Padrona. Photo: courtesy of Davide Bontempo.


Address: “Delia Cajelli” Social Theater, via Dante Alighieri 20, 21052, Busto Arsizio (VA)
Contacts: 0331679000 | |
Timetables: Sunday 16 January 2022, 5.00 pm
Tickets: full 15 €; under 18 5 € (available HERE)

NB Admission is guaranteed with the reinforced green pass and with FFP2 mask which must be worn for the entire duration of the show.

Source and photos: Press release Municipality of Busto Arsizio.

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