the signal thus BREAKS the walls (24 €)

The brand new signal repeater of Xiaomi is in great discount on Amazon. A spectacular product, which allows you to enjoy a signal Stable and powerful WiFi, even in the presence of walls. Equipped with dual band connectivity and even an ethernet socket, at this price point it’s a bargain. Complete your order on the fly to get it for just around € 24. Enjoy fast and free shipping, guaranteed by Prime services.

Xiaomi: More powerful WiFi with this repeater

A beautiful and elegant product from an aesthetic point of view. An incredibly device simple to set up. You can combine it with the modem via cable, to add the WiFi connection, or take advantage of the one that is already there to expand its coverage and get to blind spots in the house.

Just where the network starts to become unstable you can place this gem and immediately enjoy excellent results. Thanks to the double support, you can take advantage of the long-range network 2.4 Ghz (perfect for smart home devices) or the one with a shorter range from 5 Ghz (ideal for boosting your devices).

As always, the other quality is guaranteed by the brand: Xiaomi does not disappoint. Time to have a More powerful WiFi, with a signal that does not let itself be intimidated by the presence of a wall, it is now. Complete your order on the fly and grab it for around € 24 just from Amazon. Shipments are fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services.

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