The Sims 4 Ranch Life

The latest chapter of the life sim titled The Sims 4 certainly needs no introduction, it arrived free for all platforms and has also seen a succession of new expansions over the years aimed at expanding the game world and designated activities. One of them, recently added by the Maxis team, is his own. life on the ranch.

own a Ranchdress up Cowboyssqueezes the goats to extract every last drop of milk and riding crazed stallions Have they always been your craziest desires? From the July 20, 2023 All you have to do is download the base game for free and purchase the expansion separately to unleash your imagination. Today, however, we will walk you through the difficult decision of whether or not this expansion is for you.

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The Sims 4 – Citizens

Given that we have on our hands an extension of an almost infinite gamea video game that has turned the life of every self-respecting gamer upside down bring to the screen something that has never been presented before, a title that allows us to simulate real life. Create characters, choose their character traits, decide their life path, work experiences and so on, in short, something as great as being endless.

This premise will help you, inveterate reader of our articles, to understand that it would be impossible for us to go into every detail about the vast game world that revolves around the sims 4. It is also logical, therefore, that we focus on talking in principle about the contents that come added in this Ranch Living expansion.

The Sims 4 Ranch Life

Imagine you want to create a Sim who doesn’t love the city, who doesn’t love the mundane life but instead is aDora owns a ranch and takes care of animals. surround yourself with people who are suitable for the type of life you have chosen. Of course, although in real life it would not be an easy task, in the world of video games it is, just press a few mouse keys and voila, here is your ranch along with your horse, your goats and your captivating look of Tex Willer.

As you may have guessed, this review will be different than usual, speaking of an expansion we won’t divide the chapters as we usually do, also because the gameplay of The Sims 4 Ranch Life is totally similar (if not the same) to what we have. learned over the years is therefore an aspect of the game that we will not consider. We’d rather talk about added content in this expansion.

The Sims 4 Ranch Life

The Sims 4 – Life, Love and Cows

Ok, since we pretend to believe that you will not have understood the quote, we prefer to explain it to you briefly. City Slickers: Life, Love and Cows it’s a movie 1991 directed by Ron Underwoodand it speaks precisely of a group of middle aged friends who decide to leave mundane city life behind to escape to the West in search of themselves.

It goes without saying that this is exactly what we feel playing The Sims 4 Life on a Ranch, the entire gaming experience (needless to say) reflects what one might expect from a similar life choice. Obviously with the proper limits, we are always facing a video game and not a pure and faithful reality experience, but the content available in this new expansion is quite close to that.

The first content that this substantial extension adds is the valley of chestnut Ridge, inspired by the dear old Wild West much loved by some players. Clearly the new scenario will also add locations, such as a “lounge” where we can have fun and have fun with our Sims friends, or a place where we can show everyone How beautiful and fit our horse is.

The Sims 4 Ranch Life

But don’t let your guard down since it is not only on the stage that we will have important and welcome additions, but also in everything that revolves around it. Build a ranch, decorate it with appropriate environments and accessories, even build a stable, a track to train our horse, or sweet goats and sheep to take care of.

The interaction with these new life companions. It will be essential, there is no true stay without a herd of horses or a group of goats that every morning will leave their little memories at the door. The customization of the horses. then it was treated to the smallest (or almost) detail, we could choose the sex, the color of the fur, the length of the mane and develop their abilities over time, as if it were a Sim.

Even the Sims themselves have enjoyed one full-bodied addition to your wardrobe with clothing and physical appearance appropriate to the hard life of the shepherd. Everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail, even the horses can be mated to give birth to small foals that we can train and then show off in the town competitions. But don’t forget Each horse will have its own distinctive character trait.

The Sims 4 Ranch Life

There will also be plenty of activities for our Sims related to the exhausting life in the Old West, harvesting the grass, caring for our horses by brushing their coats or cleaning their hooves, or just taking a nice walk with them to stretch their legs (and entertain to our Sim). It is difficult for us to list everything that surrounds this expansion.

Of new clothes to new somatic features of the sims, of new buildings to new accessories, palisades, stables, objects and activities. To the heart of everything, the horses and the interaction with them, their growth, their well-being, their care, etc. You will agree with us that it is impossible to specifically address a video game as vast and endless as The Sims 4.

also the same horse interaction systemwith objects, with other Sims, or with the environment is a world unto itself made up of many options and variations. Our intention is to believe that The Sims 4 is content for the few, for those who love this genre of simulation video games, and Ranch Life is no exception, it is content that makes an already vast game world even bigger. A content that we highly recommend to fans of the genre.

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