The Sims 5 will be completely free

Electronic Arts and Maxis announced it several months ago The Sims 5new chapter that the series will bring life simulators to an even broader audience.

The Sims 4what you can find in AmazonIt will therefore have an official sequel, apparently destined to repeat the success of its predecessor.

In fact, the fourth chapter has had a long and prosperous life, also thanks to the various expansions published over the years (such as the last one dedicated to student life).

Now, after the first rumors, it has been confirmed that the game – also known as Kidney Project – be totally free.

In the channel Youtube Official of the series, a video has been published that updates on the development of The Sims 5.

In the video above you can hear one of the developers reveal that the title could reach players in the form of Free download.

Therefore, the game will be officially free and will not require you to pay money to play.

But not only that: it seems that even after the release of The Sims 5EA will continue to provide support for The Sims 4 in parallel, without abandoning a game that remains very popular.

The idea, several years after its launch, of returning The Sims freefirst on PC and then on consoles, it apparently rewarded the developers’ efforts, since the choice to make it free-to-play made even more players passionate about the management series.

At the moment, however, it has not been resolved. a release date For The Sims 5. We will keep you informed as soon as the American publisher decides to reveal new details.

Continuing with the topic, several months ago we chatted with Kim Tyler, vice president of EA’s People Practices division, to talk about professions in video games and the importance of letting talents express themselves to foster creativity.

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