The singer brings ballerina fashion back to life for this summer/fall 2022!

Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted wearing ballet flats! Indeed, it revived the trend of this timeless pair!

After a surprise wedding in Las Vegas on July 16, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck flew away. And that with all his family, for Paris.

Since then, the most glamorous couple of the moment has been walking the streets of the capital with their children. And obviously, the newlyweds are happier and more in love than ever! For more details, we give you an appointment in the next lines.

Jennifer Lopez: still sublime

Throughout their stay, the couple was photographed from every angle by the media. The opportunity for Jennifer Lopez to give a great fashion lesson and to prove his very sure taste in the matter. Of course, the photos have gone viral and have aroused the interest of a good number of Internet users. It is common for some people to start copying his style of dress!

On July 25, Jennifer Lopez was seen with a sublime blue shirt dress signed Alexander McQueen. The singing diva has also matched it with a Dior bag and a pair of very simple nude ballerinas. Particularly fashionable in the 2000s, these shoes are therefore making a comeback this summer.

However, these have long been singled out as being in poor taste and set aside by the creators. But this disenchantment with these very French flat shoes is obviously ancient history. At least, in the eyes of Ben Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez. And obviously, we must admit that she wears these pairs wonderfully!

The ballerinas do a comeback in recent years. A trend that never goes out of fashion. These pairs of shoes are also validated by the biggest stars who wear these little ballet slippers on their feet with great style. This is particularly the case of Jennifer Lopez during her honeymoon with Ben Affleck!

A fashion icon

So far, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have spent their honeymoon strolling the the trendiest places in the capital. And each outing was a real fashion show for the singer who wowed us with her outfits! The paparazzi are in heaven. The beautiful shots they got were simply sublime. J.Lo is even considered a fashion reference.

Aside from the shoes, Jennifer Lopez’s honeymoon style is just as varied in other clothing departments. So far, we’ve seen it with all kinds of bold floral print designs. Whether it’s a pleated dress with flowers or a corseted summer dress with flowers.

Her evening looks range from a glowing maxi with a deep V-cut to a skintight black body-con. All must-have outfits that evoke the glamor of old Hollywood ! Jennifer Lopez also made a fashion statement through her latest outfits. All breathtaking looks!

Recently, Jennifer Lopez was seen in a pink and almost transparent blouse with a bow tie. But she was not satisfied with that! Of course, she brought her little touch of glamor to her look. Indeed, Ben Affleck’s wife paired her style with faded rocker jeans and nude PVC platforms. She was radiant, as always!

Jennifer Lopez: an ultra-versatile wardrobe?

You know that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are on honeymoon in Paris. Unless you succeeded avoiding the celebrity news cycle last week ! Besides, there’s no better place than the City of Love to celebrate a rekindled romance.

For her romantic trip, Jennifer Lopez almost exclusively wore dresses. These came straight from Oscar de la Renta, Forte Forte, Gucci, Et Ochs and Reformation. Along with the mega platforms, J.Lo packed her trusty leather flip flops and ballet flats. It is also reminiscent of those worn by Ramona, his character in Hustlers.

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