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– Published on August 04, 2022 at 18:23

Shakira was recently charged with tax evasion in Spain. The young woman has since left the territory and enjoys her two children.

The most famous Colombian has been having problems for the past few weeks. Recently, Shakira announced her separation with footballer Gérard Piquet. The sportsman would have indeed cheated on the singer with the mother of one of his teammates. This announcement had the effect of a bomb on the web. The couple seemed to spin the perfect love. The beauty frequently shared photos of her companion on her Instagram account. She also had two children with him, Milan and Sasha.

Since then, Shakira has decided to move back to Miami with her two boys. The small family had indeed lived for several years in Spain. Gérard Piquet played for FC Barcelona. According to rumours, the footballer would have let his ex-wife leave with his two children under two conditions. One would be for the singer to pay her five first-class plane tickets to see her kids in Miami. He would also have asked the Colombian to repay part of her debts. Unfortunately, the troubles did not stop there for the young woman. A few days ago, Shakira was accused of tax evasion by the Spanish courts. She could incur up to eight years in prison. But today, the interpreter of WakaWaka prefers to take care of her children first.

Shakira and her two boys are back in the United States

A few days ago, the singer posted a new photo on Instagram. In this shot, Shakira poses with Milan and Sasha as well as several players from the Dodgers baseball team. In his publication, the ex-wife of Gérard Piquet also wrote: “Thank you to the Dodgers for helping my kids feel like home“. The little family seems to be happy to be back in the United States. The young mother is trying somehow to hold her head high for her sons Sasha and Milan.

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