the singer’s ex-husband invites himself to the wedding and provokes a fight!

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari just said “I do” near Los Angeles. A day eagerly awaited by the star who was somewhat spoiled by … Her ex-husband!

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A ceremony that attracts all eyes… And the exes! This Thursday, June 9, Britney Spears said “yes” to her companion Sam Asghari in a luxurious villa near Los Angeles. Nearly sixty guests were gathered including stars like Madonna, Selena Gomez or Paris Hilton. A well-deserved happy ceremony for the star who has known several dark years. She fought against the guardianship imposed by her father and recently suffered a miscarriage. But nothing seemed to undermine the love between Sam Asghari and the popstar, even when the young woman’s ex invited himself to the party.

Britney Spears wedding: her ex-husband provokes a fight during the ceremony

A few hours before the ceremony, Jason Alexanderchildhood friend and ex of Britney Spears – to whom she was married for 55 hours after a quick wedding in Los Angeles – invited himself to the party. According to information from TMZhe would have entered the villa, while filming himself live from Instagram. “Where is Britney? (…) My name is Jason Alexander. Britney invited me here. She is my first wife, my only wife. I am her first husband. I’m here to plan the wedding, was it possible to discover in the video. He would thus have crossed the garden, before entering under a pink tent decorated with flowers while presenting his name to the people who were preparing the ceremony.

Jason Alexander was already wanted by the police

This video has been seen by many Internet users and it is the fans of Britney Spears who have decided to give the alert. According to our colleagues from variety, the man would have provoked a fight in the villa, before being challenged and arrested by the police. Upon arriving at the scene, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department would have discovered that the man was already wanted for acts of harassment of a woman, committed in another jurisdiction and for which he would have been sentenced to 11 months probation. The police then proceeded to arrest him. A misadventure that has not changed the plans of Britney Spears and Sam Asghari, who were able to celebrate their marriage without incident a few hours later.

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