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There are those who choose a Lamborghini Huracan for basic needs and those who opt for green mobility, adding a fully electric car to their fleet. The energy transition of the automotive world also involves law enforcement, with the Greek police having decided to add a fleet of Citroen Ami to the means in service on the island of Chalki in the Aegean Sea. The quadricycle of the French brand will therefore wear the livery of the local authorities to move through the streets of the Hellenic island, with two cars that will enter service in the ranks of the Police. To these, however, there will also be other low-emission models of the Double Chevron: two more Ami for the Coast Guard, an ë-C4 as a service car for the town hall, as well as an ë-Spacetourer minivan and an ë-Jumpy van (ë -Dispatch).

The vehicles will be offered in the form of a 48 month free rental and after this period, Citroën will buy them and donate them to the municipality by Chalki. The Greek police on duty on the island will therefore be able to boast green mobility but also one of the slowest law enforcement cars in the world. Although the full electric quadricycle is suitable for the needs of those who have to move in tight spaces and in the city, it does not stand out for its performance since it can reach a maximum speed of only 45 km / h and has a range of 70 km thanks to its battery. from 5.5 kWh. In reality, given the movements to be done on the island, this is a more than sufficient distance range. Of course, thieves and thieves can easily sow the Ami in case of pursuit.

The Greek government together with Citroën / Syngelidis Group, Vinci and Akuo Greece have signed a memorandum of understanding for Chalki’s green energy transition. Citroën CEO Vincent Cobée he has declared: “We are very proud to contribute to the transformation of the island of Chalki into an island that will be autonomous, intelligent and sustainable”. In this regard, the Stellantis brand wants to transmit a green culture to both the institutions and the residents of the island so that they can “take full advantage of electric vehicles” during their daily life. Citroën will also offer island residents and local businesses the opportunity to acquire zero-emission light quadricycles, passenger cars and fully electric commercial vehicles with “The free use of all innovative technologies and related applications they incorporate”.


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