The Spanish Society of Internal Medicine accredits the Vascular Risk Unit of the Jaén Hospital


The Vascular Risk Unit of the University Hospital of Jaén, dependent on the Internal Medicine Service, has received accreditation as a Vascular Risk Unit within the ‘SEMI excellent’ program, awarded by the Vascular Risk working group of the Spanish Society of Medicine Internal.

The accreditation consists of three levels of certification: healthcare, teaching and research. It is governed by the fulfillment of a series of rigorously defined criteria in these matters and implies recognition of the work carried out by the unit of the Jaén center in the last seven years, focused on the care of patients with different cardiovascular risk factors.

Among them are dyslipidemia and diabetes mellitus, as well as those patients who have suffered a cardiovascular event at the peripheral arterial, cerebrovascular and coronary level, as reported by the Andalusian Government on Friday.

Cardiovascular disease is a health problem of the first magnitude, since it is the main cause of mortality worldwide. In Spain it also continues to be the main cause of death, with 119,853 deaths, 24.3 percent of deaths in 2020, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

With regard to the autonomous communities, Andalusia leads the region with the highest number of deaths from the disease, with a rate much higher than the national average (282.3) followed by the Region of Murcia (260.9) and Extremadura (245). ,4).

It is necessary to underline that the increase in the incidence of cardiovascular disease is based on a progressive worsening of the habits and lifestyles of the population, such as a deterioration in diet, increased sedentary lifestyle or consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Added to this is the impact of climate change and environmental pollution on cardiovascular health.

This pathology constitutes a continuum in which several organs and vascular territories are affected, in which multiple cardiovascular risk factors are involved, such as dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension, among others.

In addition, the current level of demand in the field of cardiovascular risk is high, and it is necessary to attend to the continuous advances both in the diagnosis and in the pharmacological treatment of these cardiovascular risk factors, with increasingly diverse and effective management options.

Similarly, to make the patient in particular and society in general aware of the need to control these and other factors such as obesity and the implementation of healthy lifestyle habits such as physical exercise, following a proper diet and quitting smoking. Today it constitutes a public health challenge that requires a firm, energetic and coordinated approach from specialized units. EXERCISE

The Cardiovascular Risk Unit was born within the Internal Medicine Service of the Jaén Hospital in 2015. It was promoted by doctors Manuel Castillo and Gema Gutiérrez Lara. Recently, specialists Francisco Gómez Delgado and María Jesús Martínez Soriano have joined.

This is intended to provide assistance to patients referred from primary and specialized care and with the need for comprehensive management derived from situations of high and very high cardiovascular risk, such as suspected primary dyslipidemia: heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus with of organs such as the kidney or the retina, high blood pressure and patients with a cardiovascular event at the coronary, cerebral or lower limb level.

In these situations, a specific assessment is carried out, to carry out analytical imaging studies and even genetic studies in those patients with suspected primary or genetic dyslipidemia, in order to be able to apply a specific and intensive treatment in each case.

Multiple interventions from the point of view of care as well as collaborations in research, dissemination and teaching in the area of ​​cardiovascular prevention are what give it recognition as an accredited Vascular Risk Unit.

This certification represents a commitment to the population of Jaén that allows to advance and improve health care related to prevention and cardiovascular risk, as well as to promote the implementation of new diagnostic and therapeutic resources and promote clinical research in this area of ​​knowledge. .

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