The squid game is just the beginning

For a long time, Korean productions began to gain notoriety in the West. Streaming platforms like Netflix contributed a lot to popularize series and movies from that region of the world. Mistakenly, many of the viewers on this side of the pond believed that the Asian titles were limited to the anime or the so-called k-drama. titles like the squid game they proved otherwise. In a interview recently, the protagonist of this television show, Lee Jung Jaeshowed his optimism about the future of Korean film and television.

During a conversation with deadline.comthe actor did not hide his joy at the good pace of the series in the SAG Awards. The Asian show won some prizes in the Screen Actors Guild Awardsa ceremony that serves as a prelude to the Oscar awards. The game the squid took the awards to Best Drama Actor, Best Drama Actress and Best TV Stunts. In this way, the title continues to make noise after being one of the great series of 2021.

There is a high probability that you have seen the series if you pay a monthly subscription to Netflix. It literally became one of the biggest phenomena in the world of streaming. People were hooked on this powerful story of survival, where each game represented an exciting test of life and death. the squid game sparked controversy and controversy at the international level, especially because it showed a level of human degradation rarely seen on television with such crudeness and spectacularity.

Good times for South Korean entertainment

In an interview, Lee Jung-Jae anticipated a great future for Korean entertainment
In an interview, Lee Jung-Jae anticipated a great future for Korean entertainment

During a brief interview with the American media, Lee Jung Jae issued an encouraging forecast on the South Korean series and movies. The actor believes that viewers in the West still have a lot to discover about the original titles from his home country. He is convinced that several of us would be delighted with different local productions. It would only be a matter of someone from this region being interested in telling the fascinating stories.

“I think it is only the beginning. There is a lot of South Korean content that is amazing, that is very entertaining and moving like The Squid Game (…) so I ask you to look for it, show us a lot of love and continue to watch it. There is a lot of great Korean content [allá afuera]”, he specified.

The actor gave his opinion on the reasons why the squid game achieved so much success, but extended these qualities to the vast majority of South Korean entertainment.

“The story unfolds at a very fast pace. There are also a lot of great characters who express themselves in great detail (…) and there are a lot of amazing and talented actors and actresses who are willing to play great, natural, complex characters based on these great scripts,” he noted.

Lee Jung Jae I was happy for the brief interview, perhaps still moved by having obtained such an important award within the television and entertainment industry. Along the way, he had to beat Billy Crudup from The Morning Show and to Brian Cox of Succession. Likewise, he left Kiera Culkin, who was nominated for the same production, on the way. On the other hand, the series managed to defeat the hit Netflix series, cobra kai; Falcon and the Winter Soldier; Lokiand Mare of Easttown.

victory for history

Actress Jung Ho-yeon won the award in the category of Best Drama Actress
Actress Jung Ho-yeon won the award in the category of Best Drama Actress

The triumph of the squid game in various categories of SAG Awards it was a historical fact. This is the first time that the actors of a series that is not in the English language take home awards of this magnitude. Even the original Netflix production is the first non-English language series to be nominated by the guild. During her intervention, the actress Jung Ho Yeon He acknowledged that obtaining this award is one of the greatest achievements of his career.

“I have sat many times watching you on the big screen, dreaming of one day becoming an actress, I just want to say, thank you very much,” the actress commented.

Jung faced stiff competition to win the award for Best Drama Actressas she had to compete against Sarah Snook from SuccessionElizabeth Moss of The Handmaid’s Tale and, finally, against Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspooon, both nominated for The Morning Show.

The success of the squid game It was a new experience for Netflix. In a short time, it became the most watched series in its entire history. Some even consider that his popularity surpassed parasitesa film that also made history for the Korean entertainment industry with the conquest of Oscar award in the category of Best film in 2020.

Trivia: Who is Lee Jung-Jae?

The series was one of Netflix's biggest hits in 2021
The series was one of Netflix’s biggest hits in 2021

Lee Jung Jae is an actor born in Seoul, South Korea, on December 15, 1972. He is a professional actor who received his master’s degree in theater and cinema from Dongguk University, belonging to the Graduate School of Cultural Arts. In addition to acting, he also owns a chain of upscale Italian restaurants called Il Mare, in addition to founding the real estate development company Seorim C&D.

In addition to the squid gamehas participated in series such as Dramaworld 2, Delayed Justice and Triple. We can also see it in action in the movies Deliver Us From Evil, Trade Your Love, Warriors of the Dawn, Tik Tok and assassinationto mention a few.

What do you think of what Lee-Jung Jae said in the interview about the Korean entertainment industry? Thank you always for reading, commenting and sharing!

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