The stars and the conspiracy theory (8/9): Katy Perry would be… JonBenét Ramsey

In the past, Katy Perry has been at the heart of a disturbing rumor. She would be JonBenét Ramsey: a young beauty queen, who died in 1996 at the age of six. Back to this strange conspiracy theory.

This is a very strange conspiracy theory. On the Internet for many years now, a rumor has it that the American singer Katy Perry would be JonBenét Ramsey. A six-year-old girl, found strangled to death in the basement of the family home (Colorado, United States) in 1996. As a reminder, the parents of the young beauty queen were first suspected of having kill. However, the real culprit has never been found.

This news item had a great impact on Americans who, even today, are still trying to find out the truth. However, even if the idea that Katy Perry either really this same little girl seems absurd, given the fact that she was born in 1984, some Internet users believe that this legal case is fabricated. In question : the uncanny resemblance physique of the parents of the singer with those of JonBenét Ramsey but also the testimony made by a conspiratorial videographer in 2014. In one of his videos (now deleted), Dave Johnson – of his name – had argued that “JonBenét Ramsey is not dead.” “No one died, no one was hurt“, he then assured, adding then: “JonBenét Ramsey has become Katy Perry. That’s a fact. So if any of you keep lying about that person’s death, you’re actually a false witness to murder and death.

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Katy Perry: her disturbing allusion to the JonBenét affair

Of course, this unfounded rumor has, over the years, reached the ears of Katy Perry. But even if during interviews the companion of Orlando Bloom never mentioned this case, she nevertheless made an allusion. Indeed, in his biography Katy Perry: A life of fireworks (published in March 2005, written by Chloe Govan), the singer shared a strange confidence. “Not that I was one of those stage kids“, she first confided about her past, before continuing, categorically: “There was no JonBenét Ramsey inside of me just waiting to burst.A reference to the case likely motivated by this conspiracy theory.

As a reminder, as specified by the Center for Media and Information Education (CLEMI), conspiracy theories “mainly develop on online chat rooms, Facebook and YouTube” and often have no real foundations.

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