The stars who have regretted supporting Johnny Depp

Just over two months ago, the jury found Amber Heard of having defamed Johnny Depp, after the publication of an opinion piece accusing him of domestic violence. However, despite his great media victory, several stars who initially showed their support for him on social media they have repented of it after leaking more than 6,000 pages of documents and evidence that were not shown during the trial, so this case has once again taken an unexpected turn.

And it is that despite the fact that the sentence is upheld, and that Amber Heard’s legal team has not been able to appeal the jury’s decision that forces her to pay a millionaire compensation to Depp, it is evident that the support for the actor of ‘Pirates del Caribe’ has diminished somewhat due to the publication of these documents. According to a user of the social network Twitter, the number of celebrities who had “liked” the publication where Depp celebrated his victory in the trial has been declining in recent days. “Celebrities are taking down their likes from Johnny Depp’s celebratory Instagram post.” indicated the tweeter, while comparing the current figure with data published on Reddit, where it was stated that the actor had had the “little heart” of more than 105 celebrities.

According to this, some of his colleagues withdrew their “likes” from this publication, among them are Bella Hadid, Sophie Turner, Joey King, Robert Downey Jr., Elle Fanning, Zoey Deutch and even his partner in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, the actor Orlando Bloom. Also on the list are Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Coolidge, Jordan Fisher, Sam Claflin, McKenna Grace, Riley Keogh, Christina Hendricks, Bruce Campbell and Sam Fender. The latter was harshly criticized for having published a photograph with Depp taken in a bar in Newcastle the same day the verdict of the trial was delivered, for which he apologized for this “disrespectful” moment.

Orlando Bloom

Johnny Depp fans pay a fortune to learn the most private details of the trial

In the same Twitter post, the user of this social network said that the documents were leaked thanks to Depp’s fans, who paid a large amount of money to obtain this information. “For those who didn’t know, the johnny’s followers they paid for hidden documents revealing how he and his team manipulated images, audio, intimidated witnesses and made incriminating texts disappear“However, the leak of these documents instead of helping his idol has created the opposite effect, accusing the actor of wanting to publish risque photos of his ex-wife to verify that she was working as a “luxury prostitute”.

In addition, some conversations between Johnny Depp and Marilyn Mansonwho has also been accused of physical and psychological violence by Evan Rachel Wood, and the testimonies of his former agent, Tracey Jones, and his ex-girlfriend, Ellen Barkin, which allegedly confirmed his history of violence.

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