The start of PS2 has a curiosity that you may not know and that is leaving players stunned

Turning on a console can be an unimportant ritual, but over time, its intro, its initial melody, stays in your brain… until you stop listening to them. Years later you turn it back on and BOOM! memory unlocked… Blessed nostalgia.

That’s what happens, for example, with the mythical start of PS2 with those polygonal shapes that reminded us of towers behind the text of “Sony Computer Entertainment”. Good times indeed, but what would you say if we told you that there is something you may have missed.


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Returning to the subject of the towers… some time ago it was commented that the number of these was determined by the number of games we had played on the console. However, this statement continued to raise questions among PS2 players.

According to user KirbyCheatFurby, who shared the information, these towers were said to be generated “based on the number of files saved and the size of each file” on the memory card, but this is not entirely the case.

A new curiosity related to all this has revealed a very interesting fact. The Cutting Room Floor, a wiki “dedicated to discovering and researching unused and removed video game content,” commented:

The towers actually appear depending on each game that has been started on that PS2 and they grow in size depending on the number of times each game has been started.

In addition, the console and its intro can only show a certain number of towers in total and those that represent the games that you have not played for a long time were being replaced by those recently played games.

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The data is stored in a file on your memory cardbut they have nothing to do with the saved game on that card.

In fact, it is possible to erase the data of the games and that the towers continue to appear. Furthermore, the factory version will only be restored if a new memory card is inserted.

Curious, right? Well, if all this is cool and you’ve always been a PlayStation player, don’t miss this. Did you know that the popular PlayStation 1 startup sound had a secret function? Here we tell you.

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