the state of emergency ended

The dematerialized recipe proved very useful during the Covid pandemic. But will it still remain in place or not? The news.

There are many “extraordinary” procedures that have been adopted during the last two years. But we could say that “not all pandemics come to harm”. Many servicesin fact, paradoxically they began to work better. One of these is the dematerialized recipe.

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But how does it work? If someone hasn’t had the opportunity to use it yet, it is certainly better this way. It means that he is in excellent health. The dematerialized recipe, in fact, is a kind of evolution than the one we all know, the Red one”. The document with which the family doctor prescribes medications or specialistic examinations. Not only innovative from a technological point of view but also Very comfortable. And from April 1st there is something new.

Dematerialized recipe, who can use it and for when

Power pick up medicines at the pharmacy without first going to the doctor to get the prescription proved to be very useful. Let’s talk about the times of the pandemic, obviously. Yes. I am avoid crowds in doctors’ offices and therefore the risk of high contagions. With the dematerialized recipe, in fact, the citizen goes directly to the pharmacy. Exhibiting the Tax Code obtains what the doctor has prescribed.

The initiative was also appreciated by Senior citizens, physiologically less likely to learn the use of cell phones, the internet, certificates via email, etc. Naturally, always exists the possibility of be sent via SMS or email the details of a recipe e use the service or the sale of the drug in the pharmacy.

This emergency modesimpler and “closer to the citizen” it worked so well that the government decided to continue in this direction. Officially, in fact, last March 31st the State of Emergency ended. But some extraordinary practices are destined to remain even in the “new normal”.

The declarations of the regional political forces

Through an ordinance issued by Civil protectionin fact, they were extended until the end of 2022 all of those simplification measures for withdrawing medicines in the pharmacy in “dematerialized” mode.

Very enthusiastic about how the initiative has had and is having success is, among others, the regional councilor for health policies Raffaele Doniniwhich declares: “During the difficult period of the pandemic emergency, the health service was able to respond to the need for speed up and simplify some services for citizens. The dematerialized prescription, for example, with the possibility of withdrawing drugs by showing their health card, represented a great help for everyone, especially for those less familiar with technologies. With choices like those made by the National Civil Protection Department, we are proving that we are on the right path to design the healthcare of the future. The one in which pharmacies become part of a system that is characterized by proximity to citizens and the possibility of providing services in a simple, fast and completely dematerialized.

We can only agree with what the Councilor said. In fact, if it was needed of some kind of intervention in Italy it was certainly the modernization, the simplification and it streamlining of many procedures. The new methods and the “new virtual dress” of the red recipe are therefore welcome.

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