The statue of Rihanna that didn’t exist

the wall street journal is amused by the enthusiasm of visitors to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for a statue of Rihanna. This features the star singer and entrepreneur in a majestic pose, proudly revealing her belly rounded by pregnancy. “Except there is a catch: this statue does not exist.”

Malicious, the American daily reports that many visitors were misled by a publication of the magazine vogue on the Instagram social network. In May, ahead of the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art gala which the artist could not attend, the title paid tribute to him. “Vogue commissioned graphic designers to design a digital statue and video showing the artwork in the museum’s Greco-Roman sculpture galleries alongside Apollo, Aphrodite and other Hellenic deities.” The statue was modeled on the cover of vogue of this month of May 2022.

The 27-second video revealing the digital sculpture was widely shared on social media, including by Rihanna herself.

A visitor explains to wall street journal having looked for the famous statue for forty minutes, before having to face the facts. “She paced the halls of the sculpture galleries, explored the mezzanine, examined pictures of the statue on her phone to try to guess where she could be, and even identified the canopy under which she appears.

The guards say they have to respond several times a week to questions about the location of the statue. They then do a work of pedagogy:

“I’m confused, we’re not that connected […]. No, a statue of Rihanna, we don’t have that. I can, however, tell you where to find Perseus and Medusa.”

Nick Lines, artistic director of the Australian firm that produced the video, denies having wanted to deceive Internet users. But it makes you wonder if Rihanna’s stone double will not become a real urban legend, like other attractions before her. “We still have people asking us where is the exhibition on the fashion designer Alexander McQueen which closed eleven years ago, says a guard. Some are also looking for the dinosaurs (which are in another museum, on the other side of the city), and others… The Mona Lisa (which is in the Louvre, in Paris.)”

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