The stories of heartbreak and malice behind music’s golden singles: From Shakira to Taylor Swift

First Shakira, then Ariana Grande, Rosalia and now Tini, these are the artists who recently been out of a relationship, which we have followed a lot on his social networks. Since we know you love gossip, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile golden singles and their ex-love stories for you.

Ariana Grande’s love triangle

break it discreet couple It took us all by surprise because They were married only two years back. It all started in the tennis final wimbledonwhere few people realized that the artist not wearing an engagement ring, Shortly after, when rumors of a possible breakdown of the marriage between Grande and Dalton Gomez – her husband – began to go viral, some magazines devoted specifically to this type of press, Confirmed that the couple was not living at the same place since JanuaryThat is, for more than six months.

Since then this unexpected news does not end here The artist is embroiled in a controversy After confirming their separation. looks like it might hook up with an actor Who was the partner on the sets of ‘Wicked’? married and with a son, It is not yet known whether this is true or not, but media like ‘People’ and ‘TMZ’ say that the artist and her alleged boyfriend Ethan Slater started dating recently, but Secretlyof this woman. really, what now The actor’s ex-wife Lily J has come out with an exclusive statement saying that their family is broken and she was taken by surprise when her husband asked for divorce., After this statement came to the fore, they started investigating whether this… infidelity or notAnd everything points to it, as Ethan filed for divorce three days before the bombshell in his alleged relationship with Ariana Grande.

These rumors have not been confirmed or denied by any of the protagonists, nor do we believe they will be doing so in the short term. Likewise, let us also pay close attention to how this gossip progresses.

La Motomami, Rosalia

Last week we received news that broke our hearts: Rosalia and Raw Alejandro have called off their engagementAfter days of speculation, doubt and a lot of rumours, the first hero has confirmed what we are all sorry about. Rowe reported on July 26 that, in fact, ‘Rosie’ and he are no longer together, commenting that it was not for any infidelity -Ever since it was rumored that he would have a parallel story with the Colombian model-. despite clarifying Fans continued to insist that Rave’s statements were not entirely true., because of this reason, Rosalia had to issue another statement corroborating the Puerto Rican’s statements.,

With both attempting to protect their privacy and their recently ended relationship, the duo’s inner circle hasn’t remained silent. First, Rosalia’s mother pointed to Rauv When he congratulated “everyone” who contributed to the production of his daughter’s album and tour, and yes, by “everyone” he meant “everyone”—a direct dart at the reggaeton player—.

then all The Spanish family unfollowed him on the network -Another clue that exists something that reminds us of this breakup, Finally, Raul’s team assures that Rosalia was the one who ended the engagement. because his own team put a lot of pressure because they believed it prevented him from growing,

The heroes of this sad story do not even talk about the reasons for the end of Rauvsalia. Will they return to their love after some time? Will they release ‘Despecha 2.0’? What we do know is that they will be very eager to sing the latest songs that the couple has released together, especially the legendary song ‘Beso’, which is creating a buzz despite its release five months back.

Tini, Tini, Tini, Queen of Argentina

Another couple who have reached the brink of heartbreak is the singer Tiny and football player Rodrigo de PaulWho told just two days ago that they are no longer together:

This break doesn’t surprise us since the pair was in trouble a few months ago, which was also given to them separately. The rumor – which was denied – was based on the footballer’s alleged infidelity with Tini, the mother of his children, Camilla Holmes. Despite this false rumour, now this separation has become true.

The couple started their relationship in late 2021, although he didn’t make it official until April 2022. It was one of the most admired and loved on social networks because of their affection for each other and they did not hesitate to show it on both networks. We also do not know the reasons for this termination, but we are sure that they will be revealed soon.

Plus, fans have noticed that The statement from Argentina announcing the end of this relationship is similar to the statement published in 2020 on leaving with Sebastian Toure, And it has been criticized for its coldness.

shakira, despised

“For People Like You…”, is the third great song released by Colombian after her Media isolation of former football player Gerard Piqué, The couple was all over the press when they announced the end of their relationship last June, more than a year ago. Since then, Shakira has become the queen of hate, or as it is now called Yessignaled some songs ended to her ex-husband. First he released the long awaited great song with Raw Alejandro, ‘Congratulations’Like with Pulitas: “They warned me but I didn’t listen”; “I can’t stand double faced people”, or the famous phrase used as a title, “I congratulate you, you act so well”,

he was released after three months ‘monotony’, With Ozuna, in which she tells us about the moments of her relationship with the footballer: “Doing what you do in your business, always looking for leadership” one of two “Suddenly you are not the same, you left me because of your narcissism”. The direct hints didn’t end there, however, and Shakira continued to monetize the success of her songs. The great song that was most expected from this whole plot was BZRP Music Session #53 -Whose subjects are always highly anticipated by the public-. On this occasion, there was great curiosity to know the next iconic phrases criticizing Pique. As expected, the great song came and became a record breaking hit 63 million views in a day, It was the topic that has had the most relevance in this breakup because of the song in which he has criticized – even naming – both Catalan and his new girlfriend, Clara Chia. The iconic words we all know about this ‘track’ are famous: “Clearly”, “Sal-Piqué”, “I deserve two out of 22”, At the same time, he got profit from this song. Piqué took advantage of these taunts to cooperate and laugh,

After these great songs, Shakira didn’t stop making music and made this moment one of the best moments of her music career. Other topics that we also love and that we can’t stop listening to are ‘tqg’With Karol G, and latest releases: ‘Empty Cup’In collaboration with Manuel Turizzo.

Selena Gomez, Queen of Instagram

American has been crowned as one of the single gold And, whenever she’s linked with a man, fans miss her Controversial courtship with Justin Bieber. The end of the relationship – that lasted eight years Overall – how much it touched her, as she reflected in the songs ‘Losing You To Love Me’ or one of ‘The heart wants what it wants’, continues to get people talking even after five years. fan create of both War The constant between what is the Canadian’s current wife, hailey bieberand the cast of ‘Hands to Myself’, forcing him to explain the situation on several occasions, despite his desire not to remember the subject.

Taylor Swift nods to former collaborators when composing

Selena Gomez’s best friend is also one of the most famous bachelors in the world. especially known for ‘Breakup Songs’ -themes of breakage- which represent much of that. This is famous ‘I knew you were trouble’ or his ‘We will never be together again’, we make a Review Of all his former teammates? Here we leave them: Joe Jonas, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris and actors Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hiddlestonamong many others.

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