The story behind the most iconic ‘Barbie’ musical number ‘I’m Just Ken’ that’s taking Spotify by storm

Many viewers agree that going to the cinema barbie It’s quite an experience. Some highlight the production design, others its satirical script, and many even agree that the songs that make up the soundtrack are essential to the film. Among other things, for musical sequences such as i’m just kenOne of the feature film’s most iconic.

However, like the emotional bus stop scene, this sequence ultimately did not receive as much attention from the public and, in fact, was supposed to be less relevant to the plot.

This is how he revealed it music producer mark ronson in an interview with of MagicWhere he says that the viral song had a very small role in the beginning. Ronson explained that the song was supposed to be a short song, but director Greta Gerwig, after hearing an early version, requested that it be longer.

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He explained, “It was a song that would probably be played at some point in the movie and became a theme around which they built an epic battle. So, basically, we spent eleven minutes on Kane’s song. “

Music, Something Essential in ‘Barbie’

Since it was released in theaters, critics and audiences have welcomed it with open arms, praising both its excellent aesthetics and the cast’s performances while simultaneously criticizing consumerism and beauty standards. And they also agreed that its soundtrack served as the perfect support for the story, with songs that are already part of popular culture.

an example song is What am I made for? by Billie Eilish, which conveys very well the contradictory sensations experienced by the protagonist barbie When he travels to the real world and faces an existential crisis.

and another great example Ballad Performed by Ryan GoslingWhich reflects the angst and existential crisis that Ken also faces in his own way, as he contemplates what his place would be in a world without Barbie, and whether he would ever want her as more than a companion. Will be able to see.

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Without this final musical sequence, Kane’s character’s journey would not be the same, nor would it have such a satisfying outcome. In fact, his song is proof that the right creative decisions were made in the filming process barbie,

a world box office record

Since its premiere, barbie He has had an unbeaten record-adding career viewership and with only six weeks in theaters around the world it’s now officially Highest-grossing premiere of the year globally, With collections of over $1,360 million.

With these figures, the Greta Gerwig film starring and produced by Margot Robbie Ha across super mario bros movieWhich was the biggest hit of the year so far with $1.35 billion at the box office.

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