The story of Elizabeth Holmes, the revelation of Silicon Valley

Stories of corporate broken toys sell. In recent months, books have been published, podcasts have been recorded and documentaries and series have been made that investigate the successful trajectories of young entrepreneurs who promise to revolutionize the world but end up starring in notorious failures. An example is Adam Neumann, the eccentric co-founder of the unicorn WeWork, who has been brought to life by Jared Leto in the Apple TV series we crashed. More recently, Disney+ has paid attention to another media case, that of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. The series has earned her leading lady Amanda Seyfried her first Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries.

In The Dropout, an eight-episode miniseries, explores how, at just 19 years old and after dropping out of Stanford University, Holmes founded a company that promised to unsettle the medical industry with an innovative blood-testing system. Elizabeth Holmes was compared to Steve Jobs and defined as the new visionary of Silicon Valley. However, her revolutionary project turned out to be a farce.

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