the story of the eldest son of Chapo Guzmán, who died at the hands of the Sinaloa Cartel itself

On May 8, 2008, the eldest son of Mexican drug trafficker El Chapo Guzmán, named Edgar Guzmán López, was killed by a burst of more than 500 shots, according to local chronicles. The amazing thing about his story is that it would have been the Sinaloa cartel itself that caused the early death of the young man who was 22 years old at the time. What explains the crime?

Édgar Guzmán López had just started his foray into drug trafficking operations, in which his father had been participating for some time.

The death of the eldest son of 'Chapo' Guzmán left mothers without roses in May 2008.
After the death of the eldest son of Chapo Guzmán, they left the mothers without roses in May 2008. – Photo: Getty Images/ file

The middle The reason rescues a story compiled by the journalist Miguel Ángel Vega, in his book The Fixer. According to Vega, the murder would have been “riddled with miscalculations by the Cartel’s intelligence cell,” given that its operations were just beginning.

How it happened?

The eldest of the sons of Chapo Guzmán He was at that time in a shopping center, in the Culiacán Tres Ríos neighborhood, the second most important in the city.

Witnesses say that the man went to the City Club supermarket chain, along with two other people, to buy food. While there, from one moment to the next, the man received a burst of more than 500 shots and died of course, riddled with bullets.

After his capture, the federal government confirmed the death of 29 people, including 10 soldiers and 19
“The cartel continues to operate” the indignant response of the daughter of “El Chapo” after the capture of her brother – Photo: Instagram/@elgordoylaflaca

At the time of the attack, more than twenty people would have gotten out of five vans and opened fire on them, assuming they were rivals.

Arturo Meza Cázares, son of Blanca Margarita Cázares, recognized as the Empress of Narco, and César Ariel Loera, his cousin, were the ones who accompanied him at the time of the events.. Both perished along with him in the attack.


Some hypotheses handle the idea that the attack was directed towards a young man nicknamed El Guacho, who was convicted by Chapo Guzmán himself, and should be executed by a cell of hitmen.

According to the newspaper The reasonJesús, one of the members of the armed wing that protected Guzmán and who survived the attack would have recounted some time later that the hitmen of the Sinaloa Cartel had gotten confused, in the context of the dispute against the Beltrán Leyva.

"El Chapo" Guzmán is serving a life sentence in the US for leading the Sinaloa cartel.
El Chapo Guzmán is serving a life sentence in the US for having led the Sinaloa cartel. – Photo: Getty Images/BBC World

According to this witness, all those who participated in the attack ended up dead some time later, and he decided to leave the organization.

Although the hypothesis is being handled that it could have been a confusion, through various sources, such as Edgar Guzmán’s wife, Frida Muñoz, the hypothesis has been reached that the Beltrán Leyva brothers’ cartel, a group that at that time moment was a rival of the Sinaloa cartel, may have been responsible.

The city was left without flowers

After the death of the first son of Chapo Guzmán, the drug trafficker would have organized a mega-funeral, where he ordered to buy all the roses in the city of Culiacán, in Sinaloa.

According to several Mexican media, on May 10, 2008, El Chapo bought close to 50,000 roses, which left flower vendors without supply during Mother’s Day.

Regional Mexican music singer, Lupillo Rivera, he would have taken this story as a basis to create the corrido called “50 thousand roses”.

“50 thousand roses were sold in Culiacán arriving on May 10 ready to celebrate, but a few days before Edgar Guzmán left us. They sent the pile of roses to no mother, they were all for a man they always respected”, says the corrido.

The drug trafficker has declared that the death of his son was one of the most difficult moments of his life: “This is an episode that he remembers as the most painful, one of the most painful in his life, when his son was killed,” says Mónica Ramírez, a criminologist who prepared his criminological profile, after his capture in 2016 and whose testimony was shared in the media Marquee.

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