The strange case of Pobega: Milan can risk a Locatelli-Pessina bis. For 12 million


That of Thomas Pobega from Trieste it is a case certainly to be investigated. The midfielder, linked to Milan by a contract until 2025, is not on the list of uncatchables of the Rossoneri home. Milan school, his career has been a constant and unstoppable ascent. A small big step, Ternana, Pordenone, then Spezia. Protagonist in Serie A, midfielder from Serie A. Physical, quality, quantity. Pobega has shown that he can play, at the age of twenty-one, twenty-two yesterday, an important role in the top flight of the present and the future. Yet for Milan it is not incedible.

THE FEAR OF A LOCATELLI BIS Milan has set a price of about 12 million euros and, in the period of investments, but also of an eye and a half to the budget, making cash is also important. For this reason someone on the altar of the expendable must end and among the names there is also that of the class of ’99 Trieste. Vincenzo Italiano would (re)want him, after having had him in La Spezia now at home in Fiorentina. Atalanta thinks about it, always attentive (see Matteo Pessina) to certain profiles. What about Milan? Among the ideas could be to ask for a right to buy back in the future. But buyers, in such cases, especially at important figures such as those requested, do not feel it: such an investment cannot carry with them the risk of having it taken away at a fixed figure.


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