The strange videos that often appear to Jennifer Lawrence on TikTok

The protagonist of the film “Don’t look up”, Jennifer Lawrence, just became a mother for the first time just a few days ago, which is why she is very happy and busy, since the first days of a baby are usually the most demanding. Neverthelessthe actress confessed that she uses the Tik Tok platform to distract herself while taking care of her baby.

The Oscar-winning actress told on the podcast Present Company Netflix, that its Tik Tok algorithm is full of cooking recipes and country life, since generally the videos that appear are from a farm. My algorithm (TikTok) is goats”, revealed the actress. “It’s basically just about life on the farm, so cats, animals, life on the farm, a couple of recipes, but it’s really strictly about animals“, he claimed.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

In the middle of the interview with Krista Smith, the host of the podcast, Lawrence tried to remember the name of a tiktoker that usually appears in the “For you” section of the platform very frequently, but he could not remember the name so he began to describe the videos so that the people who were listening to the program could guess who it was.

“His goat had triplets”, recalled the Oscar-winning actress. “And there was a very small one that we didn’t think was going to spend the night. And she did it, her name is Ruthie and she is doing wonderfully”, Jennifer Lawrence pointed out tenderly, revealing her fondness for wildlife and baby goats. It seems that motherhood awakened the most tender side of the actress, since she is showing a clear interest in the evolution of the little goat Ruthie.

Users who were listening to the podcast commented that the Tik Tok account referred to by Jennifer Lawrence is that of @mommyfarmer, the account the tiktoker rebecca pyle, who shares with his followers what his day-to-day life is like living on the Twin Pines Farm in Missouri. Currently, Pyle has 2.1 million followers on Tik Tok, one of them is Lawrence herself, who created an account just to enjoy the videos, but stated that she would never use it to create her own content.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence

Actress Jennifer Lawrence

On January 4, the actress confessed during a visit to “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” that Tik Tok is the application she uses the most on her mobile, but she totally refuses to post anything from her personal account. “Oh my God! You imagine?”she replied to Colbert when he asked her why she wouldn’t post her own content.

It is no secret to anyone that the actress is not a big fan of social networks, since she does not have any verified profile to publish content for her followers because she prefers to keep her private life away from controversy. Despite the fact that the actress is one of the few celebrities who denies the use of social networks, the truth is that Tik Tok was able to reach her heart through tender images of farm animals.

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