The strange viral exercise of Sergio Ramos that has left everyone stunned: “What are you doing, uncle?

Sergio Ramos seems to have started the season like a real shot. The center, which is already completely from physical problems that hit him last season, has once again demonstrated that power that has characterized him so much.

If just a few days ago I surprised with his great goal in the final of the French Super Cup with a superb high heel, this time she has done it with some exercises in the gym. Through a TikTok video that has gone viral, the central defender has left everyone stunned.

Messi and Sergio Ramos exchange glances after a hard tackle from the central defender.

Dressed in an elastic band around his neck, Ramos dedicates himself to performing movements to strengthen your own neck muscles. Several seconds that demonstrate the intention of the former captain of the real Madrid and player of PSG in practicing his header, a characteristic that has always accompanied him throughout his career.

However, the video has caused a furor in the networks as they are unusual movements. “What are you doing, uncle?”is the author’s reflection on the center’s maneuvers.

What is clear is that Sergio Ramos is preparing down to the last millimeter to give it his all with his team and not let physical discomfort keep him away for another season.

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