The Stranger Things theory focuses on Vecna’s three main characters

Theories about the ending of Stranger Things follow one another, and one in particular focuses on three main characters.

The season of Stranger Things has been bearing the brunt of the writers’ strike since May 5 and now, the actors’ strike has thrown another barrier of entry into its production. but fans of series Netflix would certainly prefer not to run it to avoid interruptions rather than see the story end disastrously.

Meanwhile, fans are content with the many theories that are emerging about the fate of Distribution Characters of Vecna’s conspiracies, which were not completely defeated in season 4.

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A specific theory from Stranger Things focuses on those posters Netflix Released to promote season 4.

duffer brother It has already been confirmed that one of the posters, in which the gang except Max have their backs to the audience, represents the fatal connection between the character sadie sink And wake up, Now, other posters are at the center of attention of fans looking for clues to the final season.

Three fictional “deaths” for Season 5 of Stranger Things.

In Screen Rant they come up with what is known as “poster theory”, which suggests that the way certain characters stare into infinity rather than the viewer looking at individual character posters is a foreshadowing of their fate in the future. end of the series.

eligible for consideration Jonathan Joyce and Mike, like Max, are not facing forward in their respective posters, Max’s fate has already been seen in Season 4 of Stranger Things. Sadie Sink’s character died in Vecna’s plan, though Eleven saved her just in time. Of course, Max didn’t end the season in the best possible shape.

If those Stranger Things posters and the look in Joyce, Jonathan, and Mike’s eyes are any indication of their fate, all three could become targets for the series’ villains.

Of course, this is still a theory. The characters in Stranger Things 5 ​​may not be suffering more than their comrades and the new season posters, when appropriate, highlight very different theories. What do you think?

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