The suffering of Piccolo’s actor in Dragonball Evolution


By: Samuel Moreno | 08-06-22

In the year 2009 the world experienced the premiere of “dragonball evolution“, one of the worst adaptations that has been seen of an anime, and that horribly stained the work of Akira Toriyama.

It was starred by Justin Chatwin in the role of Son Goku, along with Chow Yun-fat like Master Roshi, Emmy Rossum like bulma, Jamie Chung like milk and James Marsters like piccolo.

Everything that could go wrong in an adaptation of Dragon Ball, became a reality being directed by james wongwho years later would publicly apologize to anime fans.

James Marsters Piccolo Dragonball Evolution

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Little was known about how much the actors would have suffered during the filming of the film, as happened with James Marsters. In the last few hours, some statements made by the actor, known to a generation for having played Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, have gone viral when he appeared at Wizard World 2014 in Atlanta, United States, to talk about his terrible experience playing the character.

Marsters despite not being a big fan of anime, if he considered that Dragon Ball Z was important for him as a father, since his son was enchanted with anime, and he became interested in the Dragonball Evolution project when he got the role of Piccolo .

However, according to the actor, he was deceived, as he was told that it was a 120 million film with Stephen Chow producing, who was already widely known for being the director of authentic Chinese classic films such as “Kung Fu sion” and “Shaolin”. Soccer”.

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Suddenly I arrive in Durango, Mexico and it is a 30 million film in which Stephen Chow is only on paper to deceive us and take us to the desert” emphasizes Marsters

They didn’t even want to pay for the double to be characterized as me, so I never use it; They only dedicated themselves to putting cables on me. I still have a separated collarbone from filming, it was very unpleasant. But still, I wanted my son to at least like my role.“.

Hoping that the final product would be well received, the actor comments that the studio had planned to make three more movies based on Dragon Ball if the first film was successful. He even points out that they were looking to adapt material from “Dragon Ball Z” so that he would become the Piccolo that everyone knows. “I wanted to become Piccolo and surprise everyone” assured the actor.

James Marsters Piccolo Dragonball Evolution

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The actor continued with his story indicating that his son was enthusiastic about the film, so they went to the cinema and Marsters was like: “Please, friend, opening night all the way up“. When they arrived, they found that there was a long queue of people waiting to enter the room, which raised doubts in Marsters and he ended up approaching a teenager to ask if the queue was for Dragonball Evolution.

What? Nope! It’s Fast and Furious, man!” was the answer they gave the actor. When they found the room that was going to exhibit Dragonball Evolution they found the harsh reality, there was only three peopleand with Marsters and his son, they were already five.

In the United States, Dragonball Evolution grossed $9.3 millionwhile at the international level it managed to recover part of the $30 million budget, reaping 46.3 million.

For Latin America, there was a whole campaign made by fans achieving that Mario Castanedathe voice of Goku in the Dragon Ball anime, will play the teenage version of the character, while Charles Secondvoice of Piccolo, would also return to do the version of James Marsters

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