The summer photographs of the granddaughter of “Puma” Rodríguez that shook the weekend

Galilea López Morillo is the daughter of Liliana Rodríguez, daughter of the Venezuelan singer José Luis El Puma Rodríguez and priori, the artist’s granddaughter. Although they bear his last name, neither Galilea nor Liliana get along with him for reasons that already have their years of acquaintances.

Galilee, 26, inherited the karma that his grandfather is an absent person in every way. Recently her mother celebrated her 55th birthday and although everyone on social networks or her inner circle were present in person or through social networks to greet her, El Puma did not move a finger to send her affections her.

Galilea López posing. Source: Instagram Galilea López Morillo

Puma Rodríguez has not expressed himself due to his absence in the greetings to the mother of galilee lopez and it looks like it won’t. She is also busy with her work life and her new musical projects, with which he has become known worldwide over several decades.

Although the relationship is not the best, Galilea Lopez Morillo and the entire family of the Venezuelan have inherited the gift of moving in front of the cameras and on social networks. The young woman has not wasted time and she has exploited this talent to leave Instagram users totally perplexed with her beauty and simplicity to win praise.

Galilea López posing. Source: Instagram Galilea López Morillo

The last post of Galilee it has her posing against a glaze wearing a two-part swimsuit, where the lower part is fuchsia and the upper part is orange. Her photos have resulted in hundreds of messages from her followers and many hearts of likes, which make it clear that she is one of the most beautiful girls on the web.

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