The Sun announce a revolutionary new project to transmit the Faith

The well-known Catholic musical group has launched the splendid news of a project born from faith in the Lord and whose goal is to witness it and spread it to everyone through the special instrument of music.

Not liturgical or sacred music but “mainstream”, in the language of many young people today, among whose folds evil often lurks, while in this case it is love that is brought,

The Sun
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The musicians of the group “The Sun” made the splendid announcement through the band’s website, underlining the great joy that characterizes this important moment of their career. That is, the launch of a new Catholic-inspired record label, who will release the first single already on Friday 14 January, entitled “My law of attraction”.

The ambitious project of “The Sun”

The project was supported and implemented thanks also to the contribution of Andrea Marco Ricci, President of the Note Legali association and the Coordination of Musicians’ Associations, as well as legal manager of Garrincha Dischi. “Faith has always been the lowest common denominator of our friendship“, The frontman of the band Francesco Lorenzi explained in the press release announcing the start of the label.

All we are is vibration and energy. Each of us is potentially music, harmony, rhythm: our life and our choices make up in every moment a score that is not only ideal, but also real “, we read in the text, which adds that” some collect and translate with love and audacity this score: they play it, sing it, transmit it ”.

However, not everyone draws the same conclusions. “Among these, there are those who decide to do it not only for themselves, but for the good of many brothers, because he feels in him the need to give praise with art to the first true Author of everything “. “This kind of artists feels that music and faith are essentially inseparable: for them they are soul mates, communion of life, heavenly gift, oxygen, raison d’être, strength, future”, continue the musicians.

Modern language to carry out the commandment of Jesus

“These are authors, composers, musicians, producers and technicians who, although very different from each other, share the same vocation: to love and serve our brothers and sisters through music, because even in this way the commandment that Jesus left us is fulfilled: “Love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 15:12) “.

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The message therefore explains that the work originates from a tradition already consolidated over time, but which has now led to the need for a more decisive step by the band that many have learned to know and love over time.

In other words, starting a real record company of Christian inspiration, which allows to give a home to all those who intend to bring the Gospel message through modern and contemporary tools, and with the same languages ​​and “The same professionalism required to operate in mainstream environments”.

The name of the label that explains everything underpinning the project

The name of the label already explains everything that underlies this splendid and noble project: “The glory”.

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“We do it because music is a powerful tool to bring to all your values, to make your presence felt, to give witness to the Truth, to console, to give good and beautiful words, to accompany, to build communities, to pray , to celebrate, to encourage the encounter with the other. If even one song enters a heart, it will be a hit for us“, Comments the band.

The Sun francesco lorenzi papa
The frontman Lorenzi and Pope Francis – photo web source

“We do it to give dignity to those who make Christian music, explicitly or implicitly, to gather the missing, to protect and give prominence to many artists and to this music in an increasingly globalized world. We do it so that a musical heritage that is part of the soundtrack of our life is not lost, but also the history of our communities, of our journey of faith “.

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In short, “We do it for His Glory, not ours, not for profit. He is always the center “

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