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This blockbuster starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron did well at the box office, but sank into obscurity.

The year 2008 was important for films in the superhero genre. On the one hand, it reached theaters hombre de hierroBeginning of marvel cinematic universe, On the other hand, Christopher Nolan released dark Knightsequel to the trilogy about them batman starring Heath Ledger Joker, But these two titles were not the only ones to have superheroes or vigilantes as protagonists, A film that excited genre fans and also landed on the billboards with a different hero., However, no one remembers him anymore.

Whereas Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) did his job, Will Smith gave life to the hero Hancock, Directed by Peter Berg and starring Charlize Theron, the film is based on an unusual superhero. He has saved many lives, but he drinks and abuses, which is why he is not considered very respectable in Los Angeles. Furthermore, every time he performs a heroic act he causes many disasters and the citizens become fed up.

Everything changes when Hancock saves the executive’s life ray ambre (Jason Bateman) and he realizes that superheroes are not what they seem. That’s when he decides to make a drastic change and thus returns to the time when everyone appreciated and admired him.

“They thought I was crazy for putting the future of the company in the hands of a junkie”: Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t a safe choice to lead the MCU

Hancock More than delivered at the box office, collected more than 629 million dollars Worldwide and a budget of $150 million. However, as stated moviepilotHe was not strong enough to face Iron Man and Batman and, while the MCU and DC Universe were growing, People started forgetting there was a movie Hancock,

sequel plans

Given that Smith’s film was a box office success, the possibility of a sequel being made was quite high. The truth is that an attempt was made to start the universe Hancock And columbia pictures In 2009, he hired two screenwriters to write a school script.

It seemed like things were going from strength to strength: Theron confirmed she was going to return as her character and Berg announced plans to find another actor to play another character with powers. Is. But time passed and the results, like Hancock, was sinking into oblivion. In 2020, Theron stated that she was still interested in making a second installment, but also admitted that no progress had been made on the project.

Interestingly, Smith joined DC Universe to bring the villain to life dead shot In suicide squad, Theron, for her part, has joined the MCU in the role of Clea And his signing was announced via a cameo in the post-credits scene Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,

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