The surprises to be deployed at the Fantasy Football

The 22nd day of the Serie A championship it will open on Saturday 15 January with Sampdoria-Turin and foresees several interesting matches such as Atalanta-Inter and Sassuolo-Verona. As usual, many matches can offer many bonuses, but not all of them will be reliable and will respect expectations. So here it is 11 possible surprises to be fielded at the Fantasy Football in the 22nd day.

Advice (Sassuolo)

Thanks to the many defections, Verona also lost its bite forward. Solution that can turn out to be clever.

Casale (Verona)

He should play a few meters ahead, as a winger. All the more reason to engrave and demonstrate why it is in the notebooks of the big names.

Marusic (Lazio)

It is now evident, Sarri wants to focus on him on the left. In the recent past he has also produced some excellent away performances, Kechrida and Veseli do not seem insurmountable obstacles.

Stojanovic (Empoli)

In addition to limiting the not very incisive Johnsen, he will be able to put the not blameless Haps in difficulty with his thrust. He has a good time, trust him.

Krunic (Milan)

After the colorless test in the Italian Cup, another chance as a starter given the absence of Tonali. At home with La Spezia it can also be a bonus game.

Bentancur (Juventus)

Favorite over Rabiot and Arthur to support Locatelli and (perhaps) McKennie, he has already scored against Udinese: the precedents to Fantasy Football must always be considered …

Saponara (Fiorentina)

Towards a starting shirt, as an ex, against Genoa at the Franchi: he has all the qualities to be a protagonist of the match.

Cuisance (Venice)

Those who had the luck and the foresight to take him immediately in these repair auctions, hit the mark: very interesting qualities, can hit with Empoli.

Piatek (Fiorentina)

Ready, go: goals in the Italian Cup. Debut in the Italian Cup as a great ex with Genoa: even in a segment he can certainly have his say.

Samson (Bologna)

An important recovery for Mihajlovic, who is still an orphan of Barrow: even during the match his liveliness can put the defense of Napoli in crisis, which is experiencing a not very prosperous period.

Henry (Venice)

Against Sassuolo, Empoli has shown that behind it is still dancing too much despite the many points in the standings, which is why the Venice center forward has an advantage in the duel with Tonelli and Ismajli. Eye.

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