the symptom that should never be underestimated

Do you often get numb hands? Attention, here is what can be hidden behind this trivial symptom. Let’s find out in detail what it is and how to notice it in time.

We often tend to underestimate the symptoms that our body sends us, if in most cases they are seasonal ailments, in others they may be signals that indicate that something is wrong with our body. For this reason today we will reveal to you what it could mean to have numb hands.

tingling hands symptoms pathologies
Tingling in the hands – that’s what it could be

It will have happened to all to feel the tingling hands, we often notice this sensation when we wake up from a deep sleep. In fact, in most cases it happens when we crush a part of our body, not making the blood circulate well.

In this case, don’t worry, but if the symptom persists without a reason it could be something more serious.

Unfortunately, tingling in some cases could be the indicator of some pathologies, one of the most common is certainly the carpal tunnel. It is not a fatal disease, but it is very annoying.

But let’s find out what other pathologies are related to numb hands.

Tingling in the hands – here’s what it might indicate

It will have happened to everyone to feel an annoying tingling in one of the areas of our body. Often this occurs in the limbs, as in the hands and feet, in most cases it is a passing symptom, but in others it could indicate a real pathology.

For this reason today we will reveal to you what are the diseases related to numb hands.

The first is the Raynaud’s disease, this is characterized by an alteration affecting the blood vessels. In detail, the arteries are affected, in these there are some narrowings that obstruct the normal flow of blood for about 30-60 minutes. From here you feel the tingling.

tingling hands symptoms pathologies
Do you often feel tingling in your hands? Here’s what it could be

But not only that, numb hands can be a typical symptom in patients suffering from anemia and diabetes. In this case, we advise you to contact your doctor, he will certainly know which tests to recommend.

Finally one of the most serious causes of tingling is undoubtedly stroke, unfortunately it is a real celebrate attack due to high blood pressure. Now you just have to ask your GP for advice, he will surely know what to do.

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