the symptoms and how it spreads

Smallpox in the UK, symptoms and how it spreads: the case that forced local authorities to move promptly.

After pandemic triggered by COVID-19, the world is certainly no longer the same; quarantines and isolations have put a strain on the economy and the psychophysical health of people and unfortunately, first of all, this virus has caused many victims.

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For this, a recent case of monkeypox emerged in the UK immediately warned not only the UK health security agency (Ukhsa), but also foreign authorities; here is the information on the specific disease.

Smallpox in the UK, symptoms and how it spreads: the news surfaced

According to what was reported by various news reports, also by SkyTG24, in the United Kingdom it was reported a case of monkeypox in a man recently returned from a trip to Nigeria.

The patient appears to be now admitted to Guy’s and St Thomas’ Nhs Foundation Trust hospital in London, in the special infectious disease department; the case is under the attention of doctors, who are collaborating with the National Health Service (NHS) in order to manage the various contacts that the man may have had.

In particular, the flight mates of the man who were in the places closest to him on the plane from Africa were contacted for precautionary purposes only. In any case, as Ukhsa points out, the Monkeypox is a rather rare viral infection which does not usually spread easily among people.

More frequently, the disease self-resolves in the patient, which heals within a few weeks; in any case, since serious forms can develop depending on the patient, it is good to keep the attention high.

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According to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the first symptoms of those with this smallpox can appear between five and 21 days after contracting the infection.

This infection can spread between close contacts, but there really is a very low risk of contagion among the population; the COVID-19 experience has however taught the world that we must act preventively and quickly, above all to safeguard the health of patients.

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