The Tam Tam Digifest returns to the big screen


From 22 October to 17 December at 8pm at the Piccolo Teatro del Giullare in Salerno the projections of Tam Tam Digifest, “The alter net – let’s take back the Net”, under the artistic direction by Giulio Gargia.

Fake news, dark web, trolls, online executions, crackers and black hats, blue whales, theft of sensitive data, bitcoin scams: all the most disturbing news phenomena of recent years seem to be born and fed online. tell about the dangerous deviations of the Net of the last 20 years, also looking for ideas on how to correct them.

Three appointments. On the 22nd “Digital Unexpected” (2020) by Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern, winner of the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, tells the story of three middle-aged neighbors who, in a suburb of the French province, have to deal with their relationship with social media: Marie, who lives on family allowances of the husband, does not want her son to come across her sex tape over the net, for which she is blackmailed by a younger man; the divorced Bertrand, who falls in love with a telephone operator, is in the midst of an endless bureaucratic-legal battle with Facebook to protect his daughter, a victim of cyberbullying; Christine, who lost her husband to her binge watching addiction, can’t figure out how to improve her Uber driver rating. Together, the three will join forces to declare war on the internet giants.

On November 12, “Selfimania” (2021) episodic film by Francesco Colangelo, Elisabetta Pellini, Elly Senger-Weiss and Willem Zaeyen. Four stories that focus on one of the fixations of contemporary society: the excessive use of the smartphone. Luca decided to surprise his girlfriend Sarah during a trip to Austria. Entering the wonderful woods of the area, the indications provided by the telephone navigator lead him away from the set destination. A war of nerves begins between Luca and technology. To try to escape with her mind from an unexpected situation, Sarah will take refuge in selfies, before ditching her boyfriend. Only after seeing her flee, Luca will try to win her back like never before.


A boy moved to Hollywood in search of the “American dream”. As if by magic and by pure combination, in the streets of the most famous neighborhood in America, he will meet his idol, who will explain the true meaning of “American dream” in the age in which appearance is preceded by substance. Then there is Letizia, oppressed by the bulky presence of her husband after years of marriage, she tries to escape from routine by opening a blog, “Nonna Letizia Fusion”: it will be about Japanese cuisine. What appears as an interesting diversion will turn into a worrying addiction: it will buy likes and followers, to try to increase its success, it will not take into account the costs and consequences. Not with her money, but with her unsuspecting husband’s.

Finally, Iana is a Russian blogger. At an evening at the disco he meets his compatriot Giorgi. He will discover that he is the lover of Caterina Mentana, a powerful Italian pharmaceutical entrepreneur. Iana, however, does not intend to stop: to conquer the man she is willing to open a battle against Catherine. Each with their own “weapons” and both on their own pitch, this unconventional challenge will see only one of them prevail.

On December 17, the review closes with “Nerve” (2016), by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. The film, which was released in Italian cinemas in 2017, is based on the novel of the same name by Jeanne Ryan, which anticipated the worrying phenomenon of the Blue Whale. The film sees the protagonist Emma Roberts, the granddaughter of Julia Roberts, try their hand at an online game in which those who participate are called to complete challenges, real missions, gradually more and more dangerous and extreme, which put them at risk. their own lives. A thriller that is more relevant than ever, capable of combining entertainment with reflections and thrills.

The price of each ticket is 5 euros. For info and reservations 334 7686331 – 366 3188501 – FB page.


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