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Time travel always has dire consequences. In ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’, the Time Turner allows him to prevent Sirius Black’s death. However, even magic has its limits when traveling to the past or future.

From back to the future, the butterfly Effect, edge of tomorrow Until the SimpsonAll series and movies involving time travel have shown that going forward or backward to various points in history can have disastrous effects if not done correctly. Although the franchise does not deal with the subject precisely, in the world of harry potter There is also time travel, although they use magic instead of technology.,

in delivery of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanIn the episode, we see Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson’s characters use a magical artifact called a “time turner” to travel back a few hours to save Sirius Black before he is sentenced to death. Hermione receives a Time-Turner as a gift from Professor McGonagall so that she can attend more classes. Similar to a miniature hourglass, the Time Turner allows you to go back one hour for each turn.,

As wonderful as Harry Potter’s time-turners can be, the tone of these devices is just as disturbing. through website magical world, JK Rowling A little more explained about the mysterious origins of time travel in the magical world, It all began in 1899, when Madame Eloise Mintumble traveled to 1402 as part of an experiment at the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Mysteries, long before there were any regulations on the use of magic and time travel.

Although he had been there for less than a week, Madame Mintumble’s actions have irreparably damaged him and the fabric of time. What happened to Madame Mintumble was terrible. Upon returning to her own time, Eloise immediately ages by five centuries, which leads to her death., Furthermore, some of Madame Mintumble’s actions caused some people to cease to exist, and even the length of days changed, some becoming shorter and some longer.

Those who were never born due to Eloise’s travel were never restored, setting a precedent for the regulation of time travel throughout the Wizarding World., another strange story happened in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, During a battle at the Ministry of Magic, a piece known as the “Crystal Bell of Time” fell on the head of a Death Eater, turning his head into the head of a child. Although there are unforgivable curses, there are far worse horrors in magic, especially when the damage caused by changing the laws of time and space is not yet understood.

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