The thieves snatch the daughter from his arms and throw her into the pool, a 9-month-old child drowns in front of her mother

THE thieves snatch her from her mother’s arms e they throw it in swimming pool causing her to drown. Little Maria, just barely 9 months, she died before the eyes of her mother Angelica Murillo who was bathing her in the inflatable pool when thieves broke into their home in San Pedro de Suma, in the province of Manabi, Ecuador.

Two men on motorcycles showed up at her house pretending to be a pet vaccination service, but not owning one, the woman immediately became suspicious. At that point, however, the criminals broke into the house by force, tore the child from her mother’s arms and threw her into the pool to then bring the woman inside and steal undisturbed inside the house.

The woman, as reported by the Sun, gave them 800 euros, but not happy, the two continued to rummage around the house until they were disturbed by some movements that put them on the run. Angelica immediately called the police and attracted the attention of the neighbors with whom she was the other 12-year-old daughter who, returning to the house, made the discovered shock noticing that her little sister was now lifeless in the water.


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