The thing is the butterfly bob, the autumn tag that Zendaya has won

Rome, September 27, 2023 – Il butterfly bob It’s a tag from Capelli that guadagnino popolarita negli ultimi tempi. Its character gives a glimpse Leggero, dynamic and naturalwith point irregular and sfumate Let me reveal something far-reaching.

In this case there is only one length that comes to the ment, later sfiora le spalle or e leggarmente piu short a seconda delle acisienza e delle preferenze personali.

In recent news such morbid and contemporary celebrities have been seen as actresses Kirsten DunstImpressive olivia palermo actress and singer Zendaya, It is beneficial to have an expert perfumer who can make specific suggestions and personalize the tag by determining length, structure and style based on individual characteristics.


The butterfly bob is characterized by a light and smoked structure. I am Capelli typically tagliati in Chinese style lower back and lower frontcreating a Softening effect in V or U shape When you store it later. Many variants include Capelli’s frangia or ciuffi down the front to give a touch of three-dimensionality. Frangia pue essere sfumata o tagliata diritta, a second dello stile desiderato.

texture and color

A farfalla del momento and cappelli sono in cacchetto Legermente undulati or mossy To provide a natural and effortless appearance. The use of these products, for example in sprays, will help maintain this texture. Butterfly bob is suitable for various colors in Capelli, but is especially suitable Vibrant and vibrant colors, such as rosso or platinum biondo, He is able to perfect the elements of style.

a chi sta bene

butterfly bob works perfectly Cappelli Lischi or Legeramente Undulati, If Cappelli Ricci, potresti doverli stirire or liciare per otenere l’affetto desiderata. This taglio can flatter most face shapes, but may not be ideal for I visited many crossroads or crossroads, In any case, an expert paruchiere will know how to help you.


From time to time it will be necessary Tagliare regular and Cappelli To avoid the crescono troppo and to maintain the shape of the lateral band and the point at the edge of the farfalla. One of the reasons the butterfly bob is so popular is its easy management. Styling rispato and pearl tagli piu longhi ed e ideale per tempo per tempo ricchide e ideale per chi desidera una elegante ma pratico.


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