The tiktoker who guessed twelve events in 2022 predicts those of 2023

His name is Hannah Carroll and last year he guessed twelve things that would happen in 2022, including the death of the Queen isabel IIthat Rihanna and Nick Jonas would they be parents or the new records of Harry Styles and Beyoncé.

Now Carroll He has done the same again for this 2023 and has shared his forecasts for this year that has just begun on networks. Regarding the way in which he makes the predictions, he has explained that, “They happen like a vision, a very strong presentiment when seeing a person’s face.”

The young woman has declared that she is very excited to see something that she has predicted come true. for this 2023 she anticipates the birth of the third child of the Prince Harry and Meghan Marklelike paris hilton, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Lawrence who will also be mothers, Tom Brady will win his last super bowl before retiring or that Selena Gomez will have a relationship with someone not very well known.

The tiktoker 2023

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But this is not the only thing that he predicts for 2023, also according to what he collects lavanguardia.com, “that the Olsen twins will talk about their time as child actresses, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid they will be together again, another big star will talk about Dan Schneider, Pete Davidson will start dating a well-known actress, there will be another scandal Sheindivorce rumors Ellen Degeneresmore dramas of one direction started by Liam Paynethe Serie Wednesday will win a great prize and Kayne West You will risk going to jail. «

All this has meant that the tiktoker has received more than 100,000 visits from users among whom the video has aroused a lot of reactions, many have been amazed while others say that they are predictions that anyone could make. Something that they have expressed with comments like this, “We understand that you don’t want controversy, but we need a bit of sauce with riskier predictions” or these others, “Many of the predictions we could have made ourselves”, “Bah, not impressive”.

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