the time the singer accidentally confessed she was cheating

The Colombian singer dedicated a message to her ex Gerard Pique when he retired from the Spanish team, but the text revealed an unexpected detail.

Shakira has revolutionized entertainment networks and media around the world with her split from Gerard Pique. Since announcing their split two months ago, their entire relationship has come under scrutiny, from its inception to its eventual breakup.

Since then, several rumors have emerged, one of which is linked to an alleged infidelity of the Barcelona footballer. Before the separation, various media revealed that Gerard Pique returned to live in his bachelor apartment and his nightlife intensified.

Afterwards, it fell like a bomb that the Barcelona footballer’s infidelity was the reason for their separation. Internet users have set out to scrutinize the relationship of the interpreter of “Waka-Waka” from all angles and relived several moments, including the huge snubs that the player gave him.

But there is another detail that until now has gone unnoticed is that Shakira was also unfaithful and she herself admitted it or at least that’s what Internet users interpreted four years ago. .

Just in mid-August 2018, Shakira posted on her Instagram profile an emotional dedication to her now ex Gerard Pique, who bid farewell to the official Spanish team.

But what could have remained a beautiful and tender dedication ended up becoming, according to network users, an admission of infidelity from the singer to her ex Antonio de la Rúa.

And it is that in the dedication, the Colombian wrote: “Love, a milestone is ending that we will always keep in our hearts. One of the happiest moments of my life was watching you win in 2010 with the national team and celebrating with Champions of Spain! Shak.

According to fans, the message, which was accompanied by a photo of Pique scoring a goal with the national team, held up a previously unknown fact, because during the accounts, in 2010, when the Spanish team won the World Cup, Shakira was still a partner of Antonio de la Rúa.

And this until January 2011 when the singer and the son of former president Fernando de la Rúa announced their separation after 11 years of relationship and in the midst of a great wave of romance rumors with the Catalan footballer.

In fact, in the separation statement, Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa announced that they had been separated since August of the same year, a month after the final in South Africa.

Although the conjectures of Internet users have not been proven or denied, the truth is that Shakira and Gerard Pique met before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, this according to certain statements of the Barcelona footballer at the time, which raised multiple suspicions of infidelity.

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